Support A National Worker

Your gift and prayers may be the difference between them being able to continue in the work and having to abandon it

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Many national workers face great difficulties and make huge sacrifices as they work to provide the gospel to others in their mother tongue. They are often under-supported and endure huge pressures from their family to give up GRN and pursue better paying employment.

For example, the Boro* family from the African region have had trouble raising their own support. Because the Boros are members of an international mission, their church hopes to receive support from them, rather than them supporting the Boros. At one stage, their finances degraded to the point where they were unable to pay the school fees for their children to attend school.

GRN workers worldwide look to God to provide their every need - is God asking you to become involved and be part of the answer? You may not be able to go to these places, but a gift from you that helps enable a family to stay engaged in their work will be a huge blessing to families like the Boros.

Gifts can be designated to a person, a centre or to the general support fund for national workers.

* name changed

For more information on Supporting a National Worker, please contact Mark Hughes.

Or you can give here, designating your gift to 'Support a National Worker'


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