Script Library - Arabic, Sudanese: Khartoum

Script Library - Arabic, Sudanese: Khartoum

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Global Recordings Network has recorded gospel messages and basic Bible teaching in more than 6000 languages and dialects. The recordings have been made from scripts selected from this list and other sources.

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Scripts in Arabic, Sudanese: Khartoum

انظر، انتبه وعيش - صورة الإنجيل الكتاب الاول - البدايه مع الله تعالى

(Look, Listen & Live 1: Beginning with GOD) - Adam, Noah, Job, Abraham. 24 sections. It has a picture book to go along with the recording.

ما بعد الحرب

(After War) - Four Bible stories to help sufferers of war to find hope for the future even in the midst of suffering. Presents the sufferings of Jesus on our behalf.

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