What The Christian Believes Side Four

개요: Coming of Holy Spirit and the reason. Faith in Christ the only way. His return; judgment. Eternal life or death. Invitation.

스크립트 번호:278
언어:Tok Pisin: PNG
주제:Witnessing; Works versus Faith; Holy Spirit; Saviour of Sinful Men; Faith, trust, believe in Jesus; Judgement
청중:General; New Christian
장르:Bible Stories & Teac
목적:Evangelism; Teaching
성경 인용:Extensive

스크립트 텍스트

Dispela i namba fo tok. (PAUSE)

Jisas i bin go bek long heven, tenpela di i go pinis na ol pres ((poroman)) bilong Jisas i bung long wanpela haus. Na ol i harim nois ((wanpela samting)) olsem draipela win i pairap insait long haus. Em i no win tru, nogat. Em i Spirit bilong God (na em) i kam olsem bipo Jisas i tok. Jisas i save pinis, yumi yet i no inap long bihainim God. Olsem, em i salim Spirit bilong God i kam long strongim yumi. Manmeri i bihainim Jisas, Spirit bilong God i kam long tingting bilong ol. Spirit bilong God i ken strongim yumi long winim ((daunim)) Setan. Spirit bilong God i ken strongim yumi long wokabaut gut na (bai yumi) bihainim ol tok bilong God. (Spirit bilong God i ken strongim yumi, bai yumi ken tokim arapela manmeri long Jisas.) (PAUSE)

Buk bilong God i tokem yumi olsem. Wanpela de bihain Jisas bai i kambek gen. (Olsem, yumi mas stap was na wetim em ((redi long em)). Yumi save pinis, Jisas i no tok giaman. Bipo Jisas i tok olsem long ol pren ((poroman)) bilong em: - Mi go redim ples ((Haus)) bilong yupela long heven. Bai mi kambek na kisim yupela i kam long mi; na bai yupela ken i stap long ples bilong mi. Jisas i tok stret, em bai i kambek. Bilong wanem Jisas bai i kambek? Jisas bai i kambek bilong kisim ol lain (( manmeri)) bilong em. Na ol bai i go long heven, long ples bilong God. (PAUSE)

Taim Jisas i kambek em bai i mekim bikpela singaut. Ol lain ((wanpisin)) ((wanfamili)) bilong God i stap long matmat Jisas bai i kirapim ol. Na yumi lain ((wanpisin etc.)) bilong God i stap yet, ol ((yumi)) bai i go wantaim ol. God bai i givim nupela bodi long ol ((yumi)). Kwiktaim tru bai ol ((yumi)) i bungim Jisas long skai ((klaut)). Na ol ((yumi)) bai i stap wantaim Jisas oltaim. (PAUSE)

Yumi no save wanem taim Jisas bai i kambek gen. Sampela manmeri i tok olsem: - Olgeta samting i orait ((gutpela)), God i no ken bagarapim yumi. Jisas bai i kambek, tasol yumi no ken wari ((tingting planti)) long dispela samting. Ol i tingting olsem na ol i stap yet long mekim pasin nogut. Dispela kain tingting i no stret. Taim Jisas i kambek, em bai i kam kwiktaim tru. Ol manmeri i no stap long lain ((wanpisin, etc.)) bilong God, bai ol i lukim Jisas na ol i gat sem. Tasol, taim Jisas i kambek, ol bai i no inap long ranawe na hait. Bihain, God bai i gat bikpela toktok long ol.

God bai i tokim ol manmeri long pasin nogtu ol i bin mekim. Manmeri i stap yet long pasin nogut, God bai i krosim ol. God bai i salim ol i go long ples nogut, na ol bai i stap oltaim. Sapos yumi stap olsem, bai yumi tu i go long ples nogut. Tasol, manmeri i bihainim Jisas ol bai i stap wantaim Jisas long gutpela ples heven. Na ol bai i sindaun gut na amamas oltaim. (PAUSE)

Yu olsem wanem? Yu stap long lain ((wanpisin, etc.)) bilong God, no nogat? (Yu redi long lukim Jisas taim em i kambek, no nogat?) Sampela i tingting olsem: - Mi bilong misin, mi save go long lotu. Mi waswas pinis long baptais, mi gutplea. Dispela kain tingting i no gutpela. Ol dispela pasin ((samting)) i no inap mekim yu lain ((wanpisin, etc.)) bilong God. Harim, yu mas givim beksait long ol paisin nogut bilong yu. Yu askim Jisas long tekewe pasin nogat bilong yu. Yu mas tingting long Jisas em i bin dai (liong diwai kros) na i baim ((kisim)) pasin nogut bilong yu. Yu askim Jisas long kam insait long tingting bilong yu. Na olgeta de yu mas bihainim tok bilong Jisas. Sapos yu mekim olsem, bai yu kamap lain ((wanpisin etc.)) bilong God. God bai i givim gutpela ((nupela)) tingting long yu Olsem, yu no ken lusim tingting long dispela tok. Yu no inap givim mani long God na baim ((kisim)) gutpela ((nupela)) tingting. Gutpela pasin bilong yu yet i no inap kisim yu i go long heven. Yu mas tingting gut long Jisas na bihainim em. Gutpela ((nupela)) tingting bai yu kisim nating long han bilong God. (PAUSE)

Dispela gutpela tok bilong God i pinis nau.

(( )) indicates an alternative expression

( ) indicates that this section may be left out for reasons of difficulty in translation or inability to include withing the time limit of the recording.