The God of Love

개요: Dialogue. The gods/dieties don't love people. Because of Jesus, we don't have to go to hell. Jesus died for us and will forgive us and we can live with Him in Heaven.

스크립트 번호: 396

언어: English

주제: Christ (Saviour of Sinful Men); Character of God (Love of God, Power of God / Jesus); Problems (Evil Spirits, demons)

청중: Hindu

스타일: Dialog

장르: Messages and Fiction

목적: Evangelism

성경 인용: None

지위: Approved

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스크립트 텍스트

1 - A few years ago our river dried up. Do you remember what happened at that time?

2 - Yes, indeed older brother. How to forget! The river god (deity) demanded many goats and buffaloes to be sacrificed. (Finally two young girls had to be sacrificed.) But, again the water came in the river.

1- Yes, younger brother, our gods (deities) have a lot of power, but they don't love us.

2- What a thing to say - our gods (deities) don't love us! Everybody knows that. There's no such thing as a god (deity) who loves us. The gods (deities) themselves don't love each other. They only hate and cheat each other. They only fight each other.

1- But, younger brother, haven't you heard about the true and living God? His name is Jesus Christ. He is the One who created all things. He has more power than all our gods and deities. He has more power than then the ghosts and spirits, too. Not only that - listen, younger brother - God, Jesus Christ doesn't hate people, but He really loves them.

2- How do we know He really loves us?

1 - We know that He loves us because He Himself came to this earth and died for us.

2 - But why did He die for us?

1 - It is like this. God Jesus Christ is pure. God Jesus Christ does not hate or cheat. He does not (maliciously) fight or kill. When we hate or cheat others, it brings pain to the heart of God Jesus Christ. When we lie or steal it brings pain to His heart. Because of the badness in our heart we cannot come near to God Jesus Christ. All men who have done badness must die and then go to hell. This is the law of God Jesus Christ. But God Jesus Christ does not want us to go to hell. He wants to take the badness from our hearts. That is why He died for us. He came to this earth and died in our place. Because He died for us, we don't have to go to hell when we die. When God Jesus Christ died, He paid the penalty for our badness. Now we can go to heaven to live with Him after we die. Look! God Jesus Christ did not stay dead. He came back to life after three days.

2 - I understand, older brother. I understand why God Jesus Christ died for us. He really does love us. But, older brother, I have done a lot of badness. I have gotten angry with my neighbors and fought with them. In my business I have cheated others. I am afraid God Jesus Christ will be angry with me. What can I do to make Him happy?

1 - You must not sacrifice animals to God Jesus Christ. That does not please Him. You must thank Him for dying for you. You must confess your badness to Him. He will forgive you. Remember that God Jesus Christ Himself paid the penalty for your badness when He died for you. You must follow and obey Him only.

2 - I will follow God Jesus Christ. He truly does love me very much.


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