Peace or Fear

개요: Dialogue between a Christian and a Hindu about incarnation and good works. The Christian explains that Christ is the only incarnation--the perfect "Guru" who opened the way to heaven. Explains that "works" are not the way---only by believing in Christ. Discusses the fear of death and the hope of the Christian. Heaven and happiness; the peace of a Christian. Invitation.

스크립트 번호: 282

언어: English

주제: Belief System (Reincarnation, Syncretism); Eternal life (Heaven); Living as a Christian (No other gods, idols, Honor God, Peace with God); Life event (Death); Problems (Fear)

청중: Hindu

스타일: Dialog

장르: Messages and Fiction

목적: Evangelism

성경 인용: Paraphrase

지위: Approved

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스크립트 텍스트




1. - Why are all the people weeping?

(Wailing) )

2. - A man in our village has died. Today is his funeral feast (khars)

1. - I am very sorry to hear that. Why do you have this feast?
2. - We do it so that the spirit of the dead man will find peace. He will be freed from the (cycle of) (84 lakhs) reincarnations and go to heaven.

1. - Do you firmly believe that by doing this you help his spirit go to heaven?
2. -We hope so, but who knows? He will receive what he deserves.

1. - What kind of man was he?
2. - He was a very religious man. He fulfilled all the requirements of `Jhup' - remembering God always; "Tup' - meditation; `Virt' - fasting; `Dann' - giving alms; `Satt-sang' - participating in worship services.

1. - If you feel it necessary to have a feast for this man, what chance does an ordinary man have?
2. - It is almost impossible. Who can spend the time doing so many religious works?

1. - Dear brother, I have good news for you.
2. - Please tell me.

1. - Jesus is the only incarnation of God. He is the perfect Guru. He opened the way for all men to go to heaven.
2. - How did He do it?

1. - The Lord Jesus came and lived among men both poor and rich. He ate and drank with them. The Lord Jesus taught that God is our Father. He loves us and wants all people to become His children. When He died He took the punishment for our sins. He gave His life for us.
2. - If we don't perform religious works, how can we become God's children?

1. - It is written in God's Word, "Whoever believes on the Lord Jesus Christ becomes a child of God." When a Christian dies he goes directly to heaven. There he will be with his father God.
2. - Still, death is a frightening experience. Do you not fear it?

1. - It is true that there is sorrow and separation at the time of death. But we have no fear. God gives us hope and joy. We know when a Christian dies he will go to be with our loving father, God.
2. - We have no hope or joy. Two of my children have died. I do not know whether we will ever meet again.

1. - God's Word says that all who follow Jesus will meet together in heaven when they die. There will be no pain or tears nor sorrow there.
2. - What will happen to those who do not believe in Jesus?

1. - Some people trust in their own good works. Others do not give honor to the true God. They give this honor to pirs, fakirs, and idols (gods and goddesses). They will all go to hell. They can never escape from there; they will be forever separated from God.
2. - In your teaching, how soon after death does the man's spirit leave the area?

1. - The spirit of a Christian goes immediately to be with God. It never stays around to bother others.
2. - I have always feared the spirits of the dead. I am particularly afraid of the spirits of young people who have died. They have not had a full life, their spirits are often unsatisfied and often return to harm others.

1. - Brother, we who believe in the Lord Jesus do not need to fear spirits. Jesus has more power than they do. He has given us His Holy Spirit to live in our hearts and keep us from being harmed by them.


2. - Some more relatives have arrived. His wife has been weeping so much, I fear she may become sick. Do you weep too?

1. - Yes, we weep, there is sorrow in separation. But we do not weep as those who have no hope. God gives us comfort. The Lord Jesus said, "I give you the peace that is beyond understanding."
2. - Brother, you have told me some wonderful things. They have reached my heart. But I do not understand how to get that peace.

1. - The Lord Jesus will give it to you if you ask Him. You can talk to Him just as you talk to another person. He will hear you. Tell him you will turn away from false gods and follow Him only. Thank Him for taking the punishment for your sins. Believe in Him and trust Him. You will not fear death. You will escape from the reincarnation cycle. You will be blessed because God will open the door of heaven to you.


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