Into Your Heart

개요: Discussion between a Christian and non-Christian regarding salvation. Questions by the non-Christian are mainly answered with Scripture paraphrases.

스크립트 번호: 064

언어: English

주제: Witnessing; Saviour of Sinful Men; Word of God (the Bible); Salvation; Gospel, Good News; Eternal / everlasting life; Children of God

청중: Muslim; General

스타일: Dialog

장르: Messages and Fiction

세분화: Simple

목적: Evangelism

성경 인용: Paraphrase

지위: Obsolete

스크립트 텍스트

Rev. 3:20, Rom. 6:23

(Greetings, group talking)
Hey, how are you doing? And how are things doing back home?
2. Everything's fine, and I'm doing well.

1. What book do you have?
2. This is a Bible.

1. What is that?
2. This is the good news of our Lord.

Group: Tell us, where are you going?
2. I'm going to tell my people what the Bible is telling us. God wants us to go and tell this, so I'm going to deliver the message of God. I'm going to tell my people.

1. How is this going to happen? You were here with us before, and you never told us that.
2. I'll show you. When I was working here with you all, I didn't know anything about God, but I now am coming to know. Our lives are filled
up with our evil deeds, and I really felt so sorry about that. There was no way that I knew of, that would take away all these sorrows from us. The night I left here, I met a person, and he was very excited. I asked him, "Why are you so excited?" He told me the Good News in the Bible, the message it tells, how God saves people. As soon as I heard that word, I heard it strongly, and I knew that I was really a bad person. My life was really filled up with evil work. But I still sought the love of God. The words of Jesus Christ were in my head, filling me. He was saying, "Look, are you willing to fill your heart? If you hear My voice and open the door, I will come in. We will live as one, you and Me. I will take away the old bad things in your heart, and I will make you warm and filled."
Listen to this. I believed in Him and He became my Savior. I do believe, and I'm glad that I gave up my sins and followed Him.

1. Let me ask you...
2. Ask me and I will tell you.

1. If that's true, the little people like us ... what happens when we die?
2. That question has been answered. Do you think a young man is not
supposed to die? Everybody can die, even kids. Everybody who dies without knowing Jesus or God, has to die with his sin. Even the young ones have to pay the price of the judgment of hell. So when it comes to that time, you have to pay attention to all that, because when it comes to the day of judgment, or when you die, you will die and go to hell. You can never say that you are too young or you are too old, you still have to go to hell. The wage of Satan-work is eternal death.

1. Oh, we didn't know that. Tell me how to get away from that bad death.
2. Your question has been answered in the Bible. The wages of sin is
death, but the gift of God is eternal life. God takes people away from the earth.
He gave us His Son. The people that believe in Him have eternal life.
Jesus told us, the one who has really believed in Me, and believed in the word of
God, will be a son (child) of God. And he has eternal life. He will never see
hell. He skips the death and goes to eternal life. That happens when you start
to believe in Jesus. Then He will take away your sins and give you eternal life,
because His life is ever-living life.

1. How are we going to confirm to Him that we believe in Him?
2. We have to know the whole message in the Bible. You have to turn away
from your evil work and turn to God. Ask Jesus to forgive you your sins.
From there He will come into your life and save you. If you are saved, then
you will have eternal life. And from there on, you will be believing in Jesus, and
Jesus will be in your heart. He will save you from every evil work. Then you
will start preaching the Gospel, telling everybody about God.

1. Like this, now you are telling us about the Gospel!