Adam's Sin and God's Forgiveness (formerly "Attributes of God" Part 2)

개요: Story of Adam and Eve. By the sacrifice of God's Son, people don't have to go to Satan's place, if they choose Jesus.

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주제:Creation; Peace with God; Forgiveness; Sin, disobedience; Satan (the devil)
장르:Bible Stories & Teac
성경 인용:Paraphrase

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[NOTE TO RECORDIST: This script was formerly called “Attributes of God” Part 2. If this is recorded without Part 1 (“Attributes of God,” script 003), it needs an introduction explaining how God created Adam and Eve.]

Adam and Eve were happy in the beautiful garden. They ate the fruit of the trees. There were many kinds of birds and animals that God had created for them to enjoy. There was no evil, and no fear. They loved God and God loved them. God came to the garden and talked with Adam and Eve. He told them, "You may eat the fruit of the trees, but from the tree in the middle of the garden you must not eat. If you eat that fruit, you will die."

One day a wicked spirit came into the garden. He was in the form of a serpent. He talked to Eve. He asked her, "Did God say not to eat the fruit?" Eve answered, "God told us we can eat the fruit, but not from one tree in the middle of the garden. We will die if we eat from it." The serpent said, "You won't die. God knows that when you eat it you will be like God and will know all about good and evil." Eve listened to the wicked spirit, whose name is Satan. She looked at the beautiful fruit and wanted to taste it. She wanted it to make her wise, like God. So she took and ate the fruit. She gave some to Adam, and He ate it too. Adam and Eve chose to believe Satan, and they disobeyed God. God's words are always true. He never lies. He is altogether good, but Adam and Eve listened to Satan, the wicked spirit. Adam and Eve had been happy, but now they had great fear. Evil had entered their hearts and they were afraid. They tried to hide from God. God hates sin and evil, so he sent Adam and Eve out of the beautiful garden. They had to work hard to get food. They could not see God anymore. They could not come back to the garden. Their sin was like a big wall between them and God. They were sad.

But God loved Adam and Eve. He was sorry that they had disobeyed. They had let evil come in to the garden and into their hearts. God was sorry that they must leave the garden and live in a world that was spoiled by evil. They would grow old and die. And their children would grow old and die. There would be pain and sorrow for all people. There would be hard work to get food, because evil had come into the world. God's law is that payment must be made for sin. The one who sins must die.

People have sinned. All people have disobeyed God. All people grow old and die. Those who follow Satan's ways will go to a place of punishment and suffering when they die. But listen! There is good news. God loved Adam and Eve, and he loves you. He does not want you to go to Satan's place when you die. God told Adam and Eve that He would make a way so that they would not have to go to Satan's place. He promised that He would send His Son to make the payment for sin. God's Son would be the sacrifice for their sins. His blood would cleanse (take away) the evil from their hearts. Then they would be at peace with God. The sacrifice of God's Son would be for all people, all tribes.

God said that His Son would not come for many years (generations). But if Adam and Eve wanted forgiveness they must make a sacrifice of a lamb. God said, "The lamb's blood will not have power, but it will teach you of the blood of my Son. When I see the lamb's blood I will think of my Son, and I will forgive you. Then you will have peace." Adam and Eve were glad to be friends with God again, and they did what He told them to do. They taught their children, and their families that they must make that sacrifice. When God's Son came to this earth He loved all people. He did good. He never sinned. He was altogether good, but evil men killed Him. Because He had no sin, He could pay for the sins of all people. In this way He died and made the sacrifice for our sins. Then God said, "My Son has made the perfect sacrifice. All other sacrifices are finished." Here is a wonderful thing. God's Son truly died, but He had power to take up his life. He died and was buried, but death could not hold Him. Now He lives in heaven with God. He rose from the dead and showed that He was stronger than the power of Satan the evil one. If we choose Jesus to be our master, (chief) Satan will not have power over us. Now everyone who chooses to follow God can have forgiveness. They can ask Jesus, God's Son, to forgive them. They will not have to go to Satan's place when they die. God will receive them, and they will live with Him in His beautiful place. There is no evil there, only happiness. Do you want to choose God's Son, Jesus? Do you want to follow God's way? Do you want to have forgiveness for your bad ways? Talk to God. He can hear you. Jesus, God's Son, can free you from the power of Satan.