Becoming a Friend of God

개요: 8 Scripts arranged chronologically with bridges to each other: Creation Story, Man Falls, Noah, Birth of Jesus, Gadarene, Jesus Heals and Forgives, Christ's Death and Resurrection, Challenge.

스크립트 번호: SP07

언어: English

주제: Multiple themes

청중: Animist; Catholic; Prisoners

스타일: Monolog

장르: Bible Stories & Teac

세분화: General

목적: Evangelism

성경 인용: Paraphrase

지위: Approved

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스크립트 텍스트

Integrated recording program with Scripture references

1. CREATION STORY Genesis 1,2

2. MAN FALLS Genesis 3,4

3. NOAH Genesis 6,7,8,9

4. THE BIRTH OF JESUS Matthew 1, Luke 2

5. THE GADARENE (288) Luke 8:26ff


7. CHRIST'S DEATH AND RESURRECTION Matthew 26,27,28; Mark 14:43-16:14; I Cor. 15:1-6

8. CHALLENGE Matthew 7:13-14; Matthew 28:16-20; Mark 9:47-48; Luke 24:46-53; John 3:16; Acts 1; Romans 6:8-14; II Thess. 4:13-5:11; Hebrews 9:22-28


This is how it was in the beginning. God the Creator has always existed. He was here before the mountains and rivers. He was here before the sun and moon existed. He was here before any ........ (use name of group) people. God has always existed. There was never a time when He did not exist.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. God is all-powerful. Because He is powerful His word has power. God only had to say, "Let there be light," and the light came. God separated the light from the darkness. He saw that the light was good. God called the light "day" and He called the darkness "night".

God established night and day and the seasons of the year. God made the sky and the land and the seas in the same way. He spoke and by His word He made each thing be (created each thing). He made the mountains and rivers. He made the desert and the forests and all the plants and trees that grow on earth. Then God made the sun and put it in the sky to give light during the day. The moon and stars He made to give light at night. God let the sun, moon, and stars serve as signs of the seasons (times of the year). God did all these things.

Then God made all the birds that fly in the air - the birds who sing in the morning and the birds who call at night. God made them all. God also made the fish that swim in the ocean and in the rivers. Then God made all the animals of the field - the cows and donkeys, the deer, the mountain lion, the turtles and squirrels and chickens (use local examples). He made the wild animals and the domestic animals. God saw all that He had created and He saw that it was good. God did not create anything that was evil.

Then God said, "Let us make man in the image of us (of God)." And so God made man. But God did not make man in the same way that He had made the land and trees and animals. He did not only speak and man was created. God Himself formed man from the dust of the ground. God formed man and God breathed out into man's nostrils His own breath. Then man became a living being (soul). He made man the ruler over all the animals of the earth. This is how God made man in His own image.

After God made man He said, "It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." So He put man into a deep sleep. While the man was asleep, God took one of the man's ribs. From that rib God made a woman. God brought the woman to the man to be his wife. This is how God made man and woman in His own image. And God saw all that He had created and He saw that it was very good. Then God rested from all the work of creating that He had done.

This God who created the world and all that is in it is the God who made men and women in His own image. He is the true God. He is greater and more powerful than any other things that people worship. (God is greater than idols, gods, spirits, created things......) He is the God whom we should follow and respect (honour) and obey. Listen and I will tell you more about this wonderful God. He is speaking His powerful word to you and me today.

Script #2 MAN FALLS

The first man's name was Adam and the first woman's name was Eve. When God created man and woman in His own image, they were good. They had never sinned, and they knew no evil. God made a beautiful and fruitful garden. He put the man and the woman in the garden to take care of it.

A river flowed by the garden to give it water and God made the ground to bear a lot of fruit. God told Adam, "You are free (permitted/welcome) to eat the fruit of any tree in the garden except one. You are not permitted to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that grows in the garden. If you eat the fruit of that tree you will die." This is the only thing that Adam was not allowed to do (that God forbade Adam to do). God gave Adam and Eve a good place to live, and all the food they needed was there in the garden. He only commanded them not to eat fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

There was a creature and it was more cunning (crafty/sneaky/tricky) than any of the wild animals God had made. It took on the form of a snake. This snake is really Satan. Satan is evil. Satan hates God and he hates everything God makes or does. Satan knew God loved Adam and Eve very much. For that reason Satan hated Adam and Eve. He wanted to destroy them so he put on the form of a snake.

This snake came to Eve, the woman, and spoke to her. He said to her, "Did God really say that you must not eat the fruit of every tree in the garden?" Eve answered the snake and said to it, "God said we may eat of any tree except the one in the middle of the garden, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God said we must not eat from it nor touch it or we will die." The snake wanted to deceive the woman so he said, "You will not die! God knows that when you eat from that tree you will become like Him." The snake was lying to Eve but Eve listened to him. She decided to believe the snake instead of God. Eve looked at the fruit and ate it. Then she gave some of the fruit to her husband Adam and he ate it.

After Adam and Eve ate the fruit their eyes were opened (to understand good and evil). They tried to cover their bodies and hide themselves from God. They knew they had disobeyed God and they were afraid. But no one can hide from God. No one can cover their sin so that God cannot see it. God knows everything about us.

God found Adam and Eve and said to them, "Have you eaten from the tree I told you not to eat from?" Adam told God that Eve gave him the fruit and so he ate it. Eve told God that the snake deceived her and so she ate the fruit.

God knew the snake was really Satan. God cursed the snake. But, God loved Adam and Eve. He promised that one day He would send someone to crush Satan completely. God told Eve that because she had disobeyed Him she would have great pain when she gave birth to children. God spoke to Adam and said that because he had disobeyed Him the ground would not produce abundantly. There would be weeds and thistles and Adam would have to work very hard to get his food (earn his living). Then God said to Adam, "You were made from the dust of the ground and so you will return to the ground." Then God drove Adam and Eve out of the garden. Sin had spoiled their fellowship with God.

God had told Adam and Eve the truth. Satan, the snake, had told them lies.

Because Adam and Eve ate the fruit they would die. It is the same with us today, isn't it? We all die because we all sin and disobey God. We are all like (the children of) Adam and Eve. Satan still tells us lies and we listen to him just like Eve. Satan does not want you to listen and obey God's Word that I am telling you now. Satan hates the ........ (use name of group) people and wants to destroy/deceive us. But I am telling you the truth about the God who created us. Keep listening and you will hear how God can save those who believe Him and obey His words.

Script #3 NOAH

After God drove Adam and Eve out of the garden, they had two sons. These sons were named Cain and Abel. Like their parents, Cain and Abel did evil against God. One day Cain was angry and killed his brother.

Adam and Eve had other children. Many years passed and the number of people on the earth grew and grew. But they became very wicked. They did evil things against each other and against God.

God saw that the thoughts of all men were evil all the time. He was sad that He had created man and His heart was filled with pain. Then God made a decision and said, "I will destroy (wipe away) man, whom I have created, from the surface of the earth." That was God's decision and He had the power to do it.

There was one man who pleased God. His name was Noah. Noah was a righteous man who walked with God. He was different (in character) from the other people who lived when he did. God spoke to Noah. He told him that He was going to destroy all the wicked people of the earth because of their wickedness. God was going to do this by sending a great flood. But God wanted to rescue Noah so He told Noah to build a very big boat. God told Noah to bring his wife and his sons and his sons' wives into the boat. God also told Noah to take two of every kind of animal into the boat with him.

Noah believed God and obeyed Him. He did everything that God had commanded him. Noah built a very big boat (SOUND EFFECT).

He gathered his wife and sons and the sons' wives together, and they entered the boat. Then God caused (made) two of every kind of animal to come into the boat. A male and a female of every kind of animal came into the boat. (NAME TYPES OF ANIMALS, AND PUT IN SOUND EFFECTS.) They came in, and then God shut the door (SE).

Then the rain came. It rained and rained as it had never rained before. For forty days it rained without stopping. The waters rose higher and higher and picked up the boat. Still it kept raining. All the people who had not believed God's Word were dying in the water (drowning). God was destroying all the wicked people who refused to believe and obey Him. Just as He said, the whole surface of the earth was covered with over twenty feet of water.

Even the highest mountains were covered. Every living thing on earth, every animal and every person perished in the great flood, except Noah and his family and the animals with him. Only those who had obeyed God were saved.

Finally, after forty days, the rain stopped. The water covered the earth for almost another year. Noah and his family stayed on the big boat and ate the food they had stored with them. The water receded. God remembered Noah and after one year and 17 days, the boat rested on the ground again. Noah and his family and the animals with him were safe. They all came out of the boat. To show his thankfulness, Noah offered an animal sacrifice to God. God had saved them because they had believed His Word and obeyed Him.

This true story happened many, many years ago, but God is the same today. He is sad because of the wickedness of people in the world. God loves them, but He will punish those who sin and refuse to believe and obey Him. God has said that He hates sin. Sin must be paid for. But who of us can make payment? Many people try to make payment. They do good deeds. They shed the blood of animals. But there is only one way to make payment for sin.

Just as God gave Noah a way of escape, so He offers us a way of escape today. Each person will face God's judgement after he dies. What will be your place of safety then? Keep listening and you will hear about the place of safety God has made for those who believe and obey Him.


Noah died, and many, many years passed. All people in the world continued to sin. Then God sent the Saviour to the world. No (mere) man could be perfect enough to be the sacrifice for the sin of the world. No sinful person, already under Satan's power, could be the one to crush Satan's power. No man alone is powerful enough to save us from God's judgement. So God sent His very own Son. Jesus is the One God promised who would crush Satan's power. Jesus is our only place of safety from God's judgement. Jesus is the perfect Sacrifice, provided by God, for our sins. Listen to how God's Son Jesus came into the world.

Many many years ago there was a young woman named Mary. She was a virgin; she had never slept with a man. She was to marry a man named Joseph. Before they married, an angel came to her. He said, "God has chosen you from among all women. The Spirit of God will overshadow you and you will bear a Child. You will name Him Jesus. He will save His people from their sin." Mary said, "I am God's servant. Let it be to me as you have said." How Mary rejoiced when she became pregnant. She said, "I praise God my Saviour."

An angel also came to her fiance Joseph in a dream. He told Joseph that he should marry Mary even though the Child was not his. He told Joseph that this Child was the Son of God. Just before the Baby was born, Joseph took Mary to a town named Bethlehem. The town was very full and there was no room for them in any house. They had to share a stable (building) with animals.

This is how Jesus was born there: One night some shepherds were watching their flocks in a field. Suddenly an angel appeared. He said, "Don't be afraid. I bring good news. Today the Saviour has been born. You will find Him wrapped in cloths and lying in a feed trough. Go and see Him." All at once the sky was filled with angels praising God. They sang, "Glory to God Most High! Peace to men on earth." Then they all disappeared. The shepherds went to town and they found Joseph and Mary and the Baby Jesus. They worshipped Him.

The Child Jesus grew up, wise and good. He never sinned, not even once.

When He was a man (30 years old) He began to teach the people God's ways. He chose some men to follow Him more closely. But many many people were listening to Him. Jesus did many signs and wonders. He proved that He was the Son of God. But He lived a humble life. He came to serve others. He taught and He healed sickness and He forgave people's sins. He did all that God wanted Him to do.

Jesus lived a perfect life. (He is the only one to do so.) Because He was perfect (sinless), Satan could not accuse Him of any wrongdoing. He never came under Satan's power. Because He never sinned He could make the payment for our sins. He was the only one who could ever be a perfect sacrifice for sin. He is the only person powerful enough to be our refuge from God's judgement.

Keep listening and you will hear what God sent this perfect man to do.


Once Jesus was teaching inside a house. He was teaching powerfully and also healing people. Many many people came to see (hear) him. Even the religious leaders were there. There were so many people that the house was full and overflowing out the door.

Then four men came carrying a paralysed man on a stretcher (pallet/bed). They wanted to set him in front of Jesus, but no one else could enter the house. So they took him up on top of the roof. The four men removed (took up) the tiles and made an opening large enough for the stretcher. They let the paralysed man down right in front of Jesus.

Jesus saw the active faith of the four men. He said to the paralysed man, "Child, your sins are forgiven." The religious leaders said to themselves, "This man is making a mock of God (dishonouring God). Who can forgive sins except God alone?"

Jesus knew what they were saying in secret. He asked them, "What is easier, to say 'Be healed' or to say 'Your sins are forgiven'? I will show you that I have power to do both." And He said to the paralysed man, "Get up, pick up your bed, and go home." And the man did that.

Then everyone was amazed and they glorified God, who had given Jesus this authority to heal and to forgive people of their sins.


You and I have needs too. Sometimes we are sick. But all of us are sinners and need to be forgiven. The paralysed man did not DO any good works in order to be forgiven. He and his friends had faith (believed) that Jesus could help them, and He did. You and I, too, cannot do any good works so that we will be forgiven. Forgiveness cannot be bought like a piece of wood or a sack of corn. Jesus forgives us when we believe (trust) in Him. He sees our need, and He also knows our inner thoughts. He knows if we are truly believing Him, and if we intend to obey Him. Then He is powerful to forgive us. God the Father has given this authority (power) to Jesus and to no one else.

You have heard how Jesus healed and forgave this paralysed man. Like him, each one of us has a sickness. It is called SIN. We are born with this disease, and only Jesus can heal us by forgiving us. If we are not forgiven, we will die in our sin, and then God cannot accept us into heaven. The payment for sin is death, but God's free gift is life in Christ Jesus. Jesus will forgive you now - if you believe (trust) in Him.

Script #6 THE GADARENE ( #288 )

Jesus and His followers went by a small boat to the country of the Gadarenes. As soon as Jesus got out of the boat a man with an evil (unclean) spirit saw Him. This man did not live in a house, but in the place where they bury the dead people. He didn't wear any clothes, and he was very wild. The village people were frightened to go near him.

Some men had tried to tame this man by putting chains around his arms and feet, but he would break them apart. No man could tame him. All the time, day and night, he would make terrible cries as he cut and beat himself with stones. This man was truly ruled by Satan's evil spirits.

When Jesus was on this earth He came to the country of the Gadarenes to help this man. When the possessed man saw Jesus from afar, he ran and knelt down before Him. Just as Jesus was to cast out the spirits from this man, a spirit inside him shouted out very strongly, "What are you going to do to us? We know you! You are Jesus the Son of the great God! Promise us by God that you will not sent us to the place of torment yet."

Jesus asked the spirit, "What is your name?" It answered, "Other people call me 'Many' ('Legion') because we are many." Then Jesus spoke and made the spirits go out from the man. They entered into a large herd of pigs. The pigs were frightened and ran into a lake and were drowned.

After this the man in whom the evil (unclean) spirits had lived sat down and talked to Jesus. He dressed himself, and his thoughts were straight. Then Jesus returned to the boat to go away. This man begged Jesus to let him go too, so that he could be with Him. But Jesus did not permit this. He said, "You return to your people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you. Tell them how He has had pity on you."

The man returned to where he lived. There were ten villages there and he told the people what Jesus had done for him. The people listened quietly and were greatly amazed. (PAUSE)

In our country, too, there are many evil spirits. Satan is like a poisonous snake on the trail who waits to strike (harm) you. Jesus came to this world to destroy the works of Satan. Although there are many evil spirits in the land, Jesus is not frightened of them. Jesus is powerful. He came to free us from the hand of Satan. The evil spirits know who Jesus is and are frightened of Him. They know that Jesus will punish them severely. Satan and his helping spirits are afraid of Jesus.

You beware of (watch out for/flee from) the ways of Satan and evil spirits. Ask Jesus to help you. Jesus has defeated Satan and all his works. Pray to Jesus and ask Him to take away your sins. He has power to do this and to deliver you from Satan. He will make you His son and daughter. He will never leave you if you always trust in Him.


Listen, my people, You have been hearing of the life of Jesus. Now I will tell you of His death.

While He was on this earth, He taught God's Word. He healed, forgave sins, and threw demons out of people. He showed that He was God's Son. Many people followed Jesus and listened to His words.

The religious leaders were jealous of Jesus, because He received honour from people (people followed Him). They hated Jesus because He pointed to their disobedience of God. Jesus could see they were religious (good) on the outside, but on the inside they were evil. They were full of greed and other bad (sinful) things. So the religious leaders planned to kill Jesus. They paid one of Jesus' followers to betray Him. They incited the crowd to call out for His death. The governor at His trial was named Pilate. He even said, "I find no fault with this man." But the religious leaders pressed upon him until he permitted them to kill Jesus. This is how they did it.

They took Jesus to a hill and they nailed Him to a cross between two criminals. They did this in the morning. At noon, it became dark all over the earth until three o'clock (mid-afternoon). Then Jesus shouted loudly, "It is finished."

Jesus died, and there was a big earthquake. The soldier guarding the crosses said, "Surely this was the Son of God."

How could the Son of God die? No one could kill Him against His will. He chose to die. He was God's Chosen One. He was chosen to be the sacrifice (payment) for the sin of all the world. Jesus obeyed God His Father even to death on the cross. He died a painful, horrible death. He was mocked by everyone. He was doubted even by His followers. He died and He was buried. They buried Him in a cave on the side of a hill, and covered the mouth of the cave with a huge rock. But Jesus did not stay dead in the grave as all other men do.

On the third day, some women were coming to anoint (finish preparing) His dead body. They came and saw that the stone was pushed away. They went inside the cave and saw a shining angel. They were frightened. But the angel said, "Don't be afraid. Jesus is alive again! You will see Him soon." Then the angel left. The women did see Jesus. Many many other people also saw Him alive again.


Jesus, the Son of God, conquered death. Satan thought if Jesus died He would be powerless. But no. Jesus broke the power of death, and of Satan also. After He arose from the dead, Jesus said, "God has given all authority (power) to Me." Therefore, if we need a strong defender, Jesus is that one.

We also need forgiveness. Jesus is the payment (the sacrifice) for our sins. He took our punishment upon Himself.

We could never pay for all our sins. Only Jesus could. We cannot pay Him for forgiving us. We must accept His free gift. You people must decide whether or not you will accept Jesus as your Saviour and your Lord.


After Jesus rose from the dead, He was with His followers for forty days. He continued teaching them about God. He also taught them about living to please God. Then one day Jesus gathered His followers together. He told them to tell others about Him. All ......... (use name of group) people and all people of the world need to hear about Jesus the Son of God. After this, Jesus went back to Heaven. Many people saw Him, alive, ascend into the sky. He is in Heaven now with His Father.

While Jesus was still on earth, He promised (told) His followers that He will return one day. When Jesus returns He will come with great glory, the glory of God. Every one will see Him. Every one will bow to Him as Lord. When Jesus returns, He will gather together those who believe and obey Him. He will take them with Him to Heaven. They will be there forever with the good God. In Heaven there is only peace and joy. There is no sorrow or suffering. But those who do not believe and obey Jesus will be punished forever. They will be sent away from God. They will go to the place of eternal fire and eternal suffering. To send them to this place grieves God very much. He loves the ......... (use name of group) people and every tribe of people very much. He loves us so much He sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins.

It pained God to see His Son suffer and die. But He did it so that each one of us could be able to return to Him. (PAUSE)

Now, my people, you have heard these messages (this talk) from God's Word. You must choose how to respond (answer). God is offering you the great gift of eternal life (salvation) through Jesus Christ.

We know that we all sin against God and against each other. God required some perfect sacrifice to pay for all these sins.

But there is only One who was perfect. Jesus didn't have any sin to die for. No, He died for your sins and my sins. On the cross, God put the punishment for our sins upon Jesus. This way, Jesus paid the price for our forgiveness. God will accept (pardon) those who are in Jesus (those who follow Jesus). But God will punish those who do not follow Jesus. Jesus is the only Saviour. God loves us so much that He planned this great (wonderful) way for us to be saved.

My people, to follow Jesus, you must believe that He is God's only Son. You must believe that He died for your sins. You must believe that He arose from the dead and is alive today. You must also turn away from (leave) your sin. You must leave bad ways such as lying, stealing, hating, running after women, evil thoughts, and drunkenness. You cannot follow the way of sin and also follow Jesus. Do not follow other gods (idols) or give honour to (obey) evil spirits. Follow only the true God.


My people, be wise. Leave your sin and follow Jesus today. If you ask Jesus He will forgive you. You can talk to Him and He will hear you. He will give you a new heart (new insides).

He will send you the Holy Spirit of God to live inside you. Listen to God's Word and talk to God every day. Tell Him all that concerns you and He will talk to you too. Meet regularly with other followers of Jesus. The Holy Spirit inside you will give you strength to do what is right.

My people, this is God's good way. Don't put it off until tomorrow. It may be too late. Follow His way today.


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