God and Laws

개요: God's laws compared with human laws and government. What some of God's laws are, how Jesus came to save us from the punishment of our disobedience of God's laws.

스크립트 번호: X05

언어: English

주제: Hell; Jesus, Our Substitute; Obedience; Resurrection of Jesus; Love of God; Ascension; Creation; Law of God; End Time, Second Coming; Death of Christ; Heaven; Faith, trust, believe in Jesus; Judgement; Sin, disobedience

청중: General

스타일: Monolog

장르: Bible Stories & Teac

세분화: Sophisticated

목적: Teaching

성경 인용: Minimal

지위: Approved

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스크립트 텍스트

There are many different kinds of government among men; some are good, some are bad. But God's government is greater than all other governments, because He made the world and men and all living things in this world: fishes, animals (pigs, sheep, bullocks), trees, and the things which we eat. God made these for man, though many people do not know about God. All governments must have laws to tell men what is right to do and what is wrong, so that men may be afraid of doing what is wrong. And governments must keep men at peace so that they do not fight. And governments must have power to punish men when they do wrong.

God, who made the world, has laws - good laws. But if men disobey God's laws He must punish them. He will do this after they die, and this punishment goes on for ever in hellfire. But if the sinner repents and receives God's Son, Jesus Christ, as his sin-bearer and Saviour, he will not suffer his punishment.

God has given power to men to form governments to rule, to punish bad men and to help good men - governments like the British, French, American, Australian, and many others. If their laws are like God's laws they are good, but if their laws are different from God's laws they may be bad. Many of man's laws are taken out of the Bible, the book of God's laws. Many secular and pagan laws are bad because they are against God's laws; they are bad because the men who made them did not know about God.

God's laws forbid men to worship any god but God only. They forbid men to worship images or evil spirits - man must only worship God, because God made this world, and He made man to worship Him. God forbids men to murder each other, to steal, to commit adultery or fornication; God made men and women to marry. God forbids men to tell lies or to swear. If men do these things, God must punish them. Why did the last war come? Because men wanted to become great and kill their enemies and take their country. If men had honoured God, there would have
been no war. But all men - white men and dark men - have disobeyed God's laws, and deserve to be punished, for they are sinners. But God loves all men though He hates their sins, and He has made a way for sinner men to come back to Him.

He sent His own Son, Jesus Christ, from heaven to become a man upon the earth so that He might die on a cross to take the punishment of the sinner man who will put his faith in Him and receive Him as his Saviour and Lord. God's Son Jesus, just before He died, said, "It is finished," to show that He had taken the punishment of the sinner who has put his trust in Him, taken it every bit. Then Jesus rose again from death, and has gone back to heaven above to make ready a place for men who receive Him as Saviour and Lord. And He is soon coming to take them to heaven to be with Him forever. But if men do not receive Jesus, God's Son, as Saviour, they will die and take their own punishment in hell-fire, forever and ever.


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