Do You Want Peace?

개요: Creation of world, man and woman, the fall, God's promise to send His Son, the sacrificial lamb to be the substitute until then. The perfect sacrifice of Jesus as the way to peace. Some of "God's words" not Scriptural.

스크립트 번호: X03

언어: English

주제: Sin and Satan (Satan (the devil)); Christ (Resurrection of Jesus, Ascension, Sacrifice / Atonement, Death of Christ); Living as a Christian (Peace with God, Forgiveness); Character of God (Love of God); Bible timeline (Creation)

청중: Animist

스타일: Monolog

장르: Bible Stories & Teac

목적: Evangelism

성경 인용: Paraphrase

지위: Obsolete

스크립트 텍스트

My friends, listen to God's words. Long ago there were no people, no animals, no trees. There was no earth or sky.
There was only God. He created the sun and the stars. Then He made the earth, the trees and the animals. Last of all He made one man and one woman. He did not have to work to make these things. He only spoke and they were made.

The first man and woman were named Adam and Eve. They were good. They loved God. God loved them. They were happy. Satan is the chief of wicked spirits. One day Satan lied to the man and woman. God said, "If you follow Satan, you must die." But they turned from God and followed Satan. They were no longer friends with God. Sickness and sorrow came to them. God called them but they were afraid.

God hates evil. God said, "I love you. I am your Friend. But your sin must be punished." Then God said, "After a time, I myself will take your punishment. I will send my Son to the earth. He will become a man. Then He will suffer death. He will become the sacrifice for your wrongdoing. His blood will be powerful because He is God. It will cleanse the evil from your hearts. Then I will be at peace with you."

Adam and Eve were very glad because of God's words. They wanted to be God's friends again. Then God spoke again. He said, "My Son will not come for many years. But you and your children may have peace. You may make a sacrifice of a lamb. The lamb's blood has no power, but it will teach you of the blood of My Son. When I see the lamb's blood, I will think of My Son, and I will forgive you. Then you will have peace."

After many years, God sent His only Son to this earth. He came in the form (body) of a man. His name was Jesus Christ. He gave His life for the sins of all people. He was killed, and in this way He took our punishment. Because He was God, His life returned to Him and He went back to live with God His Father. He is there in Heaven now.

(When Jesus died, God said, "My Son has made a perfect sacrifice. Now other sacrifices are finished. If anyone
accepts Jesus as his sacrifice for sins, I will forgive him.").

My friends, people do not know this good news. They do not know that Jesus made the payment (sacrifice) for their sins. They are still making sacrifices themselves. For this reason God has sent these words to you. He says, "Believe only on Jesus. Accept Him as your sacrifice and turn away from other sacrifices. Then I will forgive your sins, and I will give you peace."

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