Becoming God's Child (Gourma)

개요: People follow their fathers. Whose child are you? Who do you follow, God or Satan? Repent and believe the Gospel, and receive a changed nature and new life. Prayer.

스크립트 번호:I018
주제:New Nature; Jesus, Our Substitute; Repentance; Forgiveness; Faith, trust, believe in Jesus; Sin, disobedience; Satan (the devil); Eternal / everlasting life
장르:Messages and Fiction
성경 인용:Minimal

이 스크립트는 다른 언어로 번역 및 녹음을위한 기본 지침입니다. 그것은 그것이 사용되는 각 영역에 맞게 다른 문화와 언어로 조정되어야 합니다. 사용되는 몇 가지 용어와 개념은 다른 문화에서는 다듬어지거나 생략해야 할 수도 있습니다.

스크립트 텍스트

You Gourmas have many proverbs. Let me tell you one. "Monkey's tail, his child's tail." I think that if I ask you why you have certain customs, you will say, "Because our fathers did."

One day people were talking with God's Son, Jesus. They told him how their fathers followed God. But Jesus told them that Satan was their father, he who is ruler of demons. Those people became very angry. Jesus was not reviling them, but He wanted them to see what they were doing. Jesus knew whom they really followed. How about you? Whose child are you? What are you doing?

Everyone knows that God hates lying, and reviling and stealing and adultery. But they do all these things and many other things which are sin. Why? Because they are like their fathers. Their earthly fathers did these things because Satan tempted them. They did not have the strength to resist him.

God says that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. When God says "eternal life," He says your heart and soul will have a new life. He wants to give you this life. God will give this life to anyone who asks Him, to whoever believes that God's Son Jesus is able to save him from sin. Jesus is able to save people because He has shed His blood and died on the cross. He had no sin, but He took our judgment that we might be saved. He took our place. If you repent and believe this, God gives you this new life.

A child will follow the customs of his people, because he is one of them. If you believe in Jesus and receive forgiveness of your sin, your heart and soul will be one with God. Therefore God will change your nature so that you will want God's nature as a child wants his father's things. God will help you with what you do and what you say. God will tell you daily what you should do to please Him. He will also help you with what you lack.

Don't forget that all these things are for God's children. God's children are those who have God's life. God gives a new life to all those who confess their sin and repent and believe on God's Son Jesus, the Saviour. Speak with God thus: "God, I confess that I am a sinner, but I do not want to continue in my sin. I ask you to wash my heart with your Son Jesus' blood. I believe that He alone can save me." That's it. If you speak thus with all your heart, you will find that He will listen and remember. Peace and joy will come to you, truly.