No One Else Can Save Us

개요: Names the 12 disciples. They are not saints or gods. We should not worship them. No one can save us but Jesus. Trust in Him.

스크립트 번호:I011
주제:Jesus, Our Substitute; No other gods, idols; Saviour of Sinful Men; Mediator
청중:Animist; Catholic; General
장르:Bible Stories & Teac
성경 인용:None

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스크립트 텍스트

When Jesus Christ was here on earth, He chose twelve men to be with Him. These were His disciples: Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James, Thaddeus, Simon, and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him.

They were all ordinary men. As grown men they believed in Jesus, and so were saved by believing in the One Who is their Saviour and ours. However, people have turned the disciples into gods (Catholic saints). But they were not God; they were ordinary people like us. They all died, and were buried, and their bodies are in the grave to this day. Only their souls are in heaven because they believed in Jesus Christ. It is in vain that we worship them like God, in vain we kneel before them, and burn candles and incense before them.

What we call gods are just pictures of dead men, because we have never heard where the true living God is. But it is written in God's Word where the real God is, that is, Jesus Christ. Also His works are evident: He made heaven earth, sun, moon, and us. We have forgotten Him, but He has not forgotten us. For our sakes He left heaven, came and died on the cross, and paid all our sins in His blood. No one else can save us, only Jesus Christ. The disciples didn't die for us on the cross, Mary didn't die for us, only Jesus Christ died for us, because He loved us. He provided eternal salvation for us. He bought us with His blood. He obtained our salvation as well as Mary's and the disciples. We and they have the same Saviour. Therefore let us believe on Him with all our heart, so that He may forgive our sins, and thus we shall go to be with Him in heaven forever.