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개요: 1. Are you afraid? 2. The attributes of God 3. The creation 4. The fall of man 5. Noah 6. Sin and judgement 7. The introduction to Jesus 8. The ministry of Jesus 9. The death of Jesus 10. The resurrection of Jesus 11. The two roads 12. The two roads, cont. 13. The appeal. How to become a Christian.

스크립트 번호: 393

언어: English

주제: Multiple themes

청중: Animist

스타일: Monolog

장르: Bible Stories & Teac

세분화: Simple

목적: Evangelism

성경 인용: Paraphrase

지위: Approved

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스크립트 텍스트


Are you afraid to look at certain animals? Are you afraid of the thunder? Are you afraid of the witch doctor? Are you afraid to eat certain things? Are you afraid to die? I have good news for you. You don't need to be afraid of these things. Think of God. He made the woods and all the animals. He is very powerful. He knows how to do everything.. God says, "Seek Me; I want to take away your fear and make you happy". God had some people write down His words. This book is the Bible. The Bible has the words that God spoke. Listen and I will tell you more from God's words.


God always lived. He wasn't born like us. In the beginning there was nothing, but God was living. God has much power. He has more power than all of the (evil) spirits. He is stronger than the river when it is in flood stage, or the rain when it hits with great force. Everything is easy for God. God hears everything. He hears the snake walking by. He hears the leopard passing by. He hears men whispering. God sees everything. He sees the armadillo in its hole. He sees the fish in the river. He sees us at all times. God never lies. (When He speaks) His word always remains the same. The spirits are not this way. They have the custom of lying to us. (tricking us). God is altogether good.


God tells us in the Bible how it was in the beginning. There were no animals or birds. There were no rivers or forests. There were no people. At that time only God existed. After this, God made all that we see. He made everything, but He didn't get tired doing it. He made everything by simply speaking.

By speaking, He made the night and the day. He spoke and made the earth and the plants; manioc, corn, and bananas. By speaking God made the sun, the moon, and the stars. (12) He made the fish and the birds also. He made all the animals-like the tapir, the dog, and the panther (use local examples). When God finished all this, He made the first man and the first woman. We can't see God. But we can see the things that He made. God made everything very good.

God also made all of the spirits. But afterwards some of these rebelled against God. These are the bad spirits. Still today they do wrong things. Their chief is Satan. He is altogether bad.

In these days we should be happy because God sends us the rain. He causes the sun to shine each day. He causes the fruits and plants to grow for us. He leaves the animals and the fish for us (to catch). None other than God does all this. God loves us very much. We should always think of God. (give thanks to Him.)


I already told you how God made this world. In the beginning everything was good. The animals weren't wild; no one was sick. Afterwards the first people messed up everything. They didn't obey God.God told them that they shouldn't eat the fruit of a certain tree. But they ate it. They listened to Satan, instead of listening to God.In this way they turned away from God. At that time everything changed. Evil and sickness came into the world. The animals became wild. The first people did not listen to God. (That's why) Everything became bad.


Many years passed. Many people were born on the earth. But these people only did evil. They mocked each other. Everyone was the enemy of everyone else. God became sad. (or angry). He saw all the sin that the people did. He doesn't like evil. (or can't stand to see) So God said that He was going to put an end to all the people and animals on the earth.

But there was one man that obeyed God. His name was Noah. He heard (and obeyed) the words of God. He did not like sin. God told Noah to build a large boat. So Noah made the boat, hammering...(SE-building)

Many came to see Noah building the boat. Noah said to them, "Listen to the words of God." "God is going to send a great flood." "Many are going to die in the water." That was what Noah said to them. But the people just laughed at Noah. (SE-laughing). They didn't believe what Noah said. They kept on doing evil. All of this made God sad. He wanted them to believe His words. But no one paid attention because of the evil in their hearts.

Then God told Noah to enter the boat. So Noah and his wife entered the boat. His sons and their wives also entered. Two of every animal also entered the boat. (SE-Animals) It began to rain and it was really heavy rain. (SE-Rain) It rained for many days and floods occurred. The water rose and covered the fields, and the trees, and the mountains. All the people drowned. But Noah and his family did not die. They were safe in the boat.


God loved Noah. He saved him and his family (people) from the great flood, because they believed His words. Certainly God loves us, too. He made this world for us. He makes our fields grow. He wants us to believe His words. (obey) But instead we eagerly listen to what the spirits say. We do what the witch doctor wants. We ask for help from the spirits and we give things to them. God is angry when we do this. God made us. We should listen to His words. (and not those of the witch doctor.)

God is good to all people. We should do good to others too. But we have the custom of stealing, treating others wrongly, and killing others. We drink and do wrong things (as a result). We all disobey God. We like to do that which is wrong. Sin comes from within us.

Think of the spots on the leopard's coat. The spots don't come off by washing. They come from within. It's impossible to erase them. For this reason we can't stop sinning.

God knows all the sin that we do. When we say bad things, He hears us. When we steal something, God knows everything. God loves us, but He doesn't like the evil that we do. God is sad with us. (or angry) He says, "When you die, you will suffer in hell. "You are going to continue suffering there-without end." "You are going to suffer there because you did evil here." But I have other words for you. You will be happy with these words. Listen and I will tell you more.


God says that we don't have to suffer after we die. God Himself made another way for us. He sent His Son to live here on the earth. He was called Jesus. Many years ago Jesus came to this earth. He was born as a baby. The mother of Jesus was Mary. Mary had never lain with a man. God's great power came upon Mary, and at the right time Jesus was born.

Jesus grew and became a man. He was a man just like us. (had a body). But He was also truly God. Jesus always obeyed God. He did good for everyone. When Jesus was thirty years old He began to walk from village to village. He taught the people the Word of God. He said, "Stop doing wrong." "Listen to My words."

On another day Jesus said this: "Come to Me all you who are weary with carrying your heavy loads, and I will give you rest." That's how Jesus spoke. (The following is optional:) This doesn't refer to carrying something on your back. Jesus speaks of the weight of our sin that we carry on the inside. Only Jesus can take away that weight. Jesus calls us to believe in Him. And God tells us to listen to Jesus.


Jesus did more than just teach the people. He did many things that no one knew how to do. One day there was a great storm. He spoke and the rain and the wind stopped. Jesus also healed sick people: One woman had a fever, but Jesus cured her. One man was a paralitic, and Jesus made him walk. One man was deaf, and Jesus cured him. One man was dumb, and Jesus made him speak. The blind Jesus also healed.

Jesus also healed demon-possessed people. There was one boy that had an evil spirit. One day his father brought him to Jesus. Suddenly, the spirit attacked the boy and threw him on the ground. Then Jesus said to the spirit, "Come out of that child!" Then the evil spirit yelled and left him. That's how Jesus healed the son.

Jesus also made dead people live again. Another day a boy died. Some friends were carrying out the body to bury it. The mother was following along crying. Jesus came near and saw the mother crying. He felt great compassion for her. Then Jesus said to the body, "Young man, get up!" Suddenly the young man sat up and began to speak. He was dead, but Jesus brought him back to life!


My people, listen; I am going to tell you how Jesus died. When Jesus walked here on the earth, He did good to all. He taught the Word of God. He healed the sick people. He spoke to the people as well as to the chiefs. He said, "Stop doing evil things." That's why the leaders became angry with Jesus. They did not believe that Jesus came from God. They didn't want to believe, because they did evil continually.

One night the authorities sent men to arrest Jesus. These men grabbed Him and took Him to the leaders. The leaders decided to kill Jesus. They hit Him. The next morning they nailed Him to a tree. He was still alive. Jesus stayed there hanging on the tree all day. At three o'clock in the afternoon Jesus died. His body was completely dead. His spirit left His body and returned to God.

Jesus didn't deserve to suffer that way. He had never done wrong, not even once. We deserve to suffer because we have done evil against God. God said that those who sin must die. But listen and I will tell you the good news. Jesus suffered in our place. Jesus died for the evil that we do. Because of this we will not suffer after we die. God sent Jesus to suffer in our place. Certainly God loves us!


It was the day Jesus died before the sun went down. Some friends of Jesus came. They took his body to bury it. They put the body in a hole (cave). This hole was in the side of a hill. Afterwards they closed the hole over with a large stone.

Three days passed. Early in the morning some women went to the hole. When they arrived, they saw that the stone had been moved. They entered the hole, but the body of Jesus was not there! Suddenly the woman saw a messenger of God. They were scared. But He said, "Be not afraid." "Jesus is not here. He is alive again!" That was what the messenger said.

The women left the tomb. They went to speak with Jesus' friends. But Jesus' friends didn't believe the women's words. That same day Jesus Himself came to His friends. He spoke with them and ate with them. They were amazed! He was with them for forty days. After this, Jesus went back to the place where God lives. He went up in front of His friends and a cloud covered Him. Now Jesus lives in the place where God lives. Some day He's going to return to this world. He's going to be the Chief over everyone.


1. I'm going to tell you a story that Jesus told us. Jesus spoke of two roads. One of them is wide and the other is narrow. I'm not speaking of roads that we make with our hands. I'm speaking of the road in which we live and speak. There are many people that walk the wide road. They live doing evil things. They like to fight, drink, and to grab other men's wives. They also like to speak badly of other people and laugh at them.

All of us begin our lives walking on the wide road. Even the children like to do evil. The children grow up and keep on walking the wide road. The people walk on it until they die. In this way they arrive in hell, at the fire that never goes out. People are going to suffer there forever because they did evil against God. The people are going to cry because there's no way to escape from that place.

But Jesus said that there is another road. This road is narrow. There are few people that walk on it. Many times one has to walk alone on it. But this narrow road arrives at the place where God lives. There everything is good. The people are happy and always sing. There isn't suffering, or pain, or sadness. That's how God's place is. The people of the narrow road are going to arrive there when they die.


This section could be said as a testimony:

I'm going to tell you how these people entered the narrow road. It's clear that since their birth they walked on the wide road. They liked to do evil. But one day they recognized that they had done evil against God. They became sad. They wanted to start to obey God. So they spoke to God. They told Him all their sins. They told God that their ways were evil/dirty. They decided not to return to their bad ways. They asked God to cleanse their evil.

They began to trust in Jesus to help them. They believed that Jesus suffered for their sins. That's why they began to love Jesus. They received Jesus as their chief. They let Jesus run their lives. He helped them to leave the bad road. Thus they left the wide road and entered the narrow road. Jesus cleansed the sin from their hearts. He gave them His Spirit who lives in them now. The Spirit of Jesus helps them to obey God. They don't fear death, nor do they fear the evil spirits.


My friend, in which of these roads are you walking? Do you walk on the narrow road or the wide road? Do you want to enter the narrow road, the road of Jesus? I'm going to tell you how you can enter it. Speak with God. You can speak with Him right now. God is everywhere. He will hear what you say to Him.

Tell God that you are sad because you disobeyed His words. Tell Him all your sins. Tell Him that you are going to leave your sins. Ask God to wash away your sins. Begin to trust in Jesus. Believe that He died for your sins. Receive Jesus as your new Chief. Allow the Spirit of Jesus to direct your life.


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