Let Us Change this World

개요: God created everything good. Now the world is bad because Adam and Eve listened to Satan. We can change the world through loving God, our neighbors and our enemies. Love begins at home. Prayer to receive Christ.

스크립트 번호: 334

언어: English

주제: Second Birth; Love of God; Problems, troubles, worries; Creation; Sin, disobedience; Satan (the devil); Family, relationships

청중: General

스타일: Monolog

장르: Exhortation

세분화: General

목적: Evangelism

성경 인용: Extensive

지위: Approved

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스크립트 텍스트

In the beginning God created everything - the world, the sky, the mountains, the animals and all other things. He looked at them and said that they were good. When He created mankind He also said that they were good. But today we say something different. We say, "From the beginning God created everything, but now they are bad. Man is evil."

What has happened to the world? There are wars here and there, tribal hatred and family breakdowns. What went wrong? Well, everything went wrong right at the beginning. God created the first man and the first woman - Adam and Eve - and they were good. Then the evil one, Satan, came and tempted them to do evil and disobey God. Adam and Eve listened to Satan rather than God. There has been sin and evil in the world since then. It is your deeds and my deeds that have made the world as we see it today. We obey Satan rather than God.

How can we change the world? Hear what God says, "Love the Lord your God with all your soul and with all your strength and your neighbor as yourself." Unless we love God and our neighbors we should not expect a better world. He also tells us that we should love our enemies and forgive them.

Do you know where your love must begin? It should begin in the home. Husbands and wives must love each other and they must love their children. They must teach their children the Word of God. When they do, their children will grow up to know God and to love their neighbors. Before any change can occur in our society our individual lives must change. Is your life changed now?

Jesus said, "Unless one is born a second time by the spirit of God, he cannot enter heaven." Who on earth can change our lives? No one, except the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit makes us children of God and helps us to do the will of God. Are you one of those who wants to see a change? Surrender your life to Jesus and you will experience a change both in your life and in the people around you.

You can pray like this: "God, I am sorry for all my bad deeds. Please make me a new person. I want Your Holy Spirit to live in me and help me to obey You. I want to be Your child. Thank you for sending Your Son Jesus to receive the punishment that was mine because of my bad deeds. Please forgive me and open my ears that I may hear You always. Help me to love You with all my heart." If you pray like that, God will hear and answer you. You do not need to wait. You can talk to Him right now where you are.


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