개요: Dambudzo seeks advice from Mai Jane, who is well known for her wisdom. Dambudzo wants to know how she can still keep her friends while not joining them in their excessive, extravagant behavior and so-called fun. Mai Jane starts a calm conversation with Dambudzo, and while she speaks, dramatic images of her youth flash through her mind. Mai Jane explains to Dambudzo that bad choices can ruin your life.

스크립트 번호:V002
스타일:Multiple voices
장르:Personal Stories

스크립트 텍스트

Scene 1

Song: Pakutanga tanga wanamata.
Rooster: Kukuringooooo
Dambudzo: Knock knock!
Voice (Narrator): This Granny is Jane’s mother. Everyone knows her as a faithful woman who is very wise. Ladies often consult her if they have issues in their lives. What can be the secret of Granny’s life?
Dambudzo: Girls, why have you called me? Here I am.
Friends: Dambudzo! Why are you always behind….? Today there is a big party. We will have fun with lots of boys.
Dambudzo: My mother does not allow me to attend such kind of parties.
Friends: Ha ha ha
Friends: Singing Foolish Dambudzo! Foolish Dambudzo!
Granny: Why are you sad, Dambudzo?
Dambudzo: Granny, I am tired of being told what to do. My mother tells me what to do. My friends tell me something else. Who is right and who is wrong?
Granny: What does your mother say?
Dambudzo: My mother says I must take care of myself and avoid sexual involvements with men.
Granny: What is your personal conviction about this?
Dambudzo: I must obey my mother, but the issue is my friends are totally different they always laugh at me. I am now miserable.
Granny: I understand that my girl…..
Dambudzo: Granny, how can you say that? I don’t want to be foolish. I want to be happy with my friends.
Granny: Dambudzo, let me tell you my story of what happened to me when I was young girl. You will be surprised because many people do not know my back ground.

Scene 2

Father: Stupid girl! Stupid girl! Get away! Go away. You have embarrassed me. I can kill you right now…! You……!
Mother: Please take it easy daddy. She is our child…! Our own child....!
Father: Don’t touch me! It is your fault you did not instruct your child! Get way from here.….!
Mother: Joy! Joy! Joy! Yoweee.
Joy keeps on running away.
Joy: What can I do..? Surely father will kill me. I am pregnant too….! Abortion is the only option I have. Someone must help me with the charm.

Scene 3

Joy: Knock knock.
Joy: I am looking for help.
Joy: Yowee! Yoweee…!
Joy: Help! Help! Please help me. Hiii hiii.
Joy: Yoowee! Help me please.

Scene 4

NEW SCENE: In the hospital
Doctor: Sisi! Sisi. I can see you are in great pain you have done an abortion. You have lost a lot of blood. You almost died but we will help you at this hospital to recover.
Joy: I am very tired….! Aaah! If dad knows about it, I will be killed.
Nurse: Lie down. Take a rest. You are still weak.
Doctor: There is nothing you can do while you are in hospital. You are still very sick because you lost a lot of blood. We will talk about your father later. For now I will give injection so that you can sleep well; Nurse can I have that injection.

Scene 5

NEW SCENE: Next day.
Doctor: Good morning to you. You have been very sick but you are looking much better now. What is your name?
Joy: My name is Joy.
Doctor: You are Joy. What a nice name! What really happened to you?
Joy: Doctor, my story is very difficult. My father is a very harsh man. I got pregnant and I could not tell him. He had just chased my sister away from home. Our mother is in serious trouble because of us. So I decided to abort.
Doctor: It is a sad story indeed. You are in a difficult situation but I have good news for you. I have agreed with my wife to take you to our home once you are discharged. We have a daughter of your age called Grace. What do you think about that?
Joy: I would be very happy.
Doctor: I would be happy to have you at our house Joy.

Scene 6

Doctor’s wife: This is our home Joy, feel free. You will be sleeping with my daughter Grace in her bedroom.
Joy: Thank you.
Doctor’s wife: Grace, you must make sure Joy is happy and free here.
Grace: Joy, I want you to try some of my clothes in the wardrobe. I want to see if they fit you nicely. This is the blouse…., and the skirt. I want you to be very free here okay!
Joy: Yes.
Joy: Do you sometimes fight or have bitter arguments in your family?
Grace: No. but sometimes my brother picks on me and I sometimes start him too. Let us go to the kitchen to help mother.
Joy: Iiiii! You are very lucky. You are always happy and you help each other!

Scene 7

NEW SCENE in the kitchen
Doctor: Good evening Joy.
Joy: How are you, father?
Doctor: I am okay my girl.
Grace: How are you dad?
Doctor: I am good. How are you? What are you cooking here?
Grace: I am cooking vegetables.
Doctor: Hee heee hee good.
Joy: Doctor…!
Doctor: Joy.
Joy: Thank very much for accepting me.
Doctor: Okay.
Joy: But my school work is now behind….
Doctor: Joy, are you happy with your college work.
Joy: Very!
Doctor: Sure?
Joy: Yes. I like working with the disabled, the wounded and the lonely.
Doctor: Joy, I will organize for you to do your college studies here at our college. I am happy with the course you are doing. It is very important my girl.

Scene 8

Grace: Daddy! Daddy! Daddy may I go with Joy to our Church Camp?
Doctor: Ehee! Joy! Do you want to go to the Church camp?
Joy: Yes, I want to go.
Doctor: It is fine. You will enjoy yourselves there. Travel safely. Bye bye…!
Girls: Bye! Bye….!

Scene 9

Song: Taidziwanepi nyasha dzokunzi vana vaMwari.
Pastor: Hameni!
Church: Hameni!
Pastor: Hameni!
Church: Hameni!
Pastor: This evening I welcome all of brethren to this place of worship. It is my pleasure to welcome you all including Joy who is in our midst. Be free Joy you are most welcome. We are happy to have you here.
Today I have spoken about our Lord Jesus and said: Jesus is our savior. He is able to forgive us all our sins. We all have sins but Jesus is the only one able to save us and to forgive us. Today I want to challenge you brethren. If there is someone here who has not yet accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior of his life. This is the right moment. You do not have another time to do it. If you do it now, Jesus will enter your heart and dine with you today.
Therefore I am giving this platform for anyone here to give his or her life to Jesus. My beloved friends, if there is someone here who feels he must accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour let him show by raising up his or her hand.
Joy: Lifting up her hand. Pastor, uuuuu! I don’t think God will forgive me. I have many sins. I was once pregnant and I almost died in abortion……
Pastor: Yes because he died for our sins. Do you want to receive his forgiveness?
Joy: Truly yes, Pastor!
Pastor: That is fine. Come and kneel down. I will lead you into a prayer of accepting Jesus in your life.
Joy Kneeling down.
Pastor: Say Lord Jesus Christ.
Joy: Lord Jesus Christ.
Pastor: I confess that I am a sinner and I am lost.
Joy: I confess that I am a sinner and I am lost.
Pastor: But today
Joy: But today
Pastor: I ask for your forgiveness.
Joy: I ask for your forgiveness.
Pastor: For all my sins.
Joy: For all my sins.
Pastor: Be my Lord.
Joy: Be my Lord.
Pastor: And my Savior.
Joy: And my Savior.
Pastor: I believe that you have forgiven me.
Joy: I believe that you have forgiven me.
Pastor: Amen.
Joy: Amen.
Song: Ndinomutenda Mwari akanaka.

Scene 10

Joy: My friend Grace, I am happy that you brought me here. For the first time in my life, I am truly happy and free. I now know that God has forgiven me for all the evil I have done in my past.
Joy: praying by herself. Lord God, I thank you for forgiving my sin. I killed my innocent child. But now I know I am free because you have forgiven me. Therefore be with me in everything I will do.

Scene 11

Doctor: Eeh! Good afternoon, Joy.
Joy: Good afternoon, Daddy.
Doctor: I have brought you good news today Joy! I have secured a place for you at the college so that you can proceed with your studies. Tomorrow morning I will drive to the station. But please Joy, understand that our doors are wide open for you. You can come here any time you wish. We will be always praying for you.
Joy: I will be very happy to go back to school. I know I am not alone, Lord Jesus is with me.

Scene 12

Granny: Dambudzo, now you know the story of my life. I have my photos that were taken at that time, they are in my house let me go and take them.
Here they are; I have brought them. Here is when I completed bible school. I then did social work. Here is when I got my diploma. Are you seeing clearly?
Dambudzo: Is this your husband, Granny?
Granny: This is my husband, the real man of my heart. I thank God for giving me a good husband. I want to show you Jane. Here is Jane, when she was a baby, my daughter, when she was young. Her is when she was at school doing nursing. And here she had completed her nursing.
To this day, Dambudzo, you have come across a lot of things in your life. You have also known a lot about my life. There is one thing that you must do. You must choose to do it. You must choose the Lord Jesus in your life. If you choose the Lord Jesus in your life, he will lead you for the rest of your life. Tell me Dambudzo, what are you going to choose in your life?
Song: Pakutanga, tanga wanamata.
Dambudzo stood up dusted off her dress and left in silence.
Rooster: Kukurigooooo.
The End.