What Is Heaven Like? - Part 1

개요: This is a description of heaven and those who enter, as described (mainly) in Revelation. Put in simple language. Ends with the same thoughts as in Rev. about those who are not allowed in. Invitation.

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주제:Witchcraft, paganism; Cleanse, purify; Sickness; Heaven; Joy, happiness, rejoicing; Faith, trust, believe in Jesus; Light/Darkness; Eternal / everlasting life
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스크립트 텍스트

Are you sick? Do you suffer pain? Has some member of your family or some relative died? Does it give you sad thoughts? There is a place where we will not suffer any more, no one will be sick, no one will die, and no one will weep. That place is Heaven, the dwelling-place of God.

It tells in the Bible what it is like in Heaven, and who will be there. There is a beautiful city, with a wall, so that no one will enter, only those to whom God has given permission. The streets of God's City are made of gold, and the light passes through them like glass. And there is no "temple" (Protestant church building) there. Also there is no "iglesia" (RC church building) because God, together with Jesus Christ, the Lamb that was killed; these two themselves are up there. That city is like a big "templo" where they will be praised, because all the people who are up there believe God and love Him.

That city won't need the sun nor the moon to illumine it, because the reflection (rays) of God give it its light, and the Lamb illumines there. The people who formerly didn't know God, but then believed, those ones will enter the city and will walk there in the light. During the day, the gates of the city will not be closed, and there won't be any night there.

Nothing evil will be allowed to enter there. Likewise, no person whose life is bad will enter there, the people who practice deceit - only the people whose names are written in the book of the Lamb. Those people have believed in Jesus Christ, and their souls have been given life.

The people who are up there won't suffer, because there will not be there anything originating from the Evil One. In that city, the Heavenly Father, together with the Lamb, sit on the throne and rule (give orders). The people who are up there will obey God and worship Him. They will look at His face, and the name of God will appear in their foreheads.

How happy the people will be who wash their clothes, so that they will be beautifully white on account of (or by means of) the blood of the Lamb. Those ones have the right to enter in to the gates of the city. Likewise they have the right to eat the fruit of the tree that gives life.

But they will remain outside, the people who speak evil, and those who practice witchcraft (two kinds specified), and men who "deceive" women, and also women who "deceive" men, and people who reverence saints that don't move, and murderers, and all those who like deceit, and those who tell lies. All these people who do evil things will remain outside.

If you have not yet asked God to take out of your heart the evil things that are in there, you will not be allowed to enter into that city. Believe in Jesus Christ, and He will wash your heart with His blood; then you will have the life that does not end. Then He will give you permission to enter into God's resting place, the day that you die, and love Him.