Life Restored

개요: Story of Jairus' daughter being raised to life. Christ's power not only to give life, but to give eternal life.

스크립트 번호: 247

언어: English

주제: Death; Deliverance; Power of God / Jesus; Eternal / everlasting life

청중: General

스타일: Monolog

장르: Bible Stories & Teac

세분화: Simple

목적: Evangelism

성경 인용: Extensive

지위: Approved

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스크립트 텍스트

In a certain village lived a ruler named Jairus. He had a twelve-year-old daughter whom he loved very much. One day the little girl became ill. She could not go to the bazaar with her father. She could not play or help her mother. She could not even eat and drink. All day long she lay on her bed.

The little girl's mother and father were very worried. They were afraid their daughter would die. Day by day she became weaker. But what could they do?

One day the father heard that a man called Jesus had come to a nearby village. He knew that Jesus, the Son of God, was healing many people without medicine. He said to the little girl's mother, "I'll go and ask Jesus to heal our daughter."

Jairus ran down the road until he came to Jesus. Falling at his feet, he said, "Come quickly! My daughter is dying. Please heal her!"

Jesus and His disciples followed the man to his house. On the way, some servants came running and said, "Don't trouble the Master. Your daughter is dead!"

Jesus said to Jairus, "Don't fear. Only believe on Me, and she shall live!"

At the house they found many people wailing and crying for the little girl who had died. Some were playing instruments. Jesus said, "Don't cry. She is not dead, but asleep." But the people laughed. They knew the girl had died.

Jesus put the wailers and instrument players out of the house. Then he went to the room where the little girl lay. He took with Him only her mother and father and three disciples. The little girl's face was white. There was no sign of life. Her mother and father began to cry. But Jesus took her hand and said, "Daughter, get up." At once she arose.

"Daughter!" Cried her mother and father. They threw their arms around her and kissed her. Jesus said, "Give her something to eat." While the mother cooked food, the father thanked the Lord Jesus for bringing his daughter back to life.

God says in His Word: "Whoever sins shall die." He also says, "All have sinned." Everyone has died because of sin. It is not the body which is dead, but the soul. The Lord Jesus Christ, God's Son, came from heaven to give us life. He gave new life to the girl who died. He can give us new life, too. He is the same today as He was then. Jesus died so that we might live. The Lord Jesus Christ is a living Saviour. Three days after He died, He came to life again. Now He lives in heaven with God, His Father.

Do you want everlasting life? Jesus is the Giver of true life. It is everlasting life. Ask Jesus to be your Saviour. Confess your sins and ask Him to cleanse your sinful heart with His blood. He will not turn you away. He will save you.

REFS: Ezek. 18:20 Romans 3:23 Hebrews 9:22 I John 5:12


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