What Has Happened to Kiku?

개요: Naughty girl's behaviour described. Follows children to Bible-story time at a house, learned about Jesus, accepted Him, life changed. Mother inquires of teacher and wants to learn about Jesus.

스크립트 번호:142
주제:Love of God; Saviour of Sinful Men; Shame
장르:Personal Stories
성경 인용:Minimal

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스크립트 텍스트

There was once a little girl named Kiku. Though not very big, she made lots of trouble wherever she went. She teased her playmates. She disobeyed her mother. She pinched baby brother. (Pause 3 sec.- baby) She pulled the cat's tail and stepped on the dog's paw. (Pause 3 sec.- puppy) She stole fruit from the grocer and was so untruthful no one could trust her. She threw rocks through people's windows and chased chickens into the highway. (Pause 3 sec. .. chickens). She might have been pretty but her face was spoiled from making ugly faces. How very unhappy little Kiku was deep down in her heart.

One day she followed some children to a house. (Pause 3 sec.-Children's voices). A teacher told them about the Saviour, Jesus Christ Who came down from heaven just to save poor, miserable people from their sins. They learned that long ago Jesus suffered and died upon a cross of shame to do this, but God raised Him from the dead. Jesus was God's Son. Today He lives with God in heaven, calling boys and girls, men and women to believe in Him. He is calling boys and girls, men and women to receive Him as their Saviour and love Him as their Lord. The children loved to sing about Him, too. (If you have an appropriate chorus by children, insert it here if time.)

One day a wonderful thing happened. Little Kiku, who only seemed to know how to be naughty, this one time sat very quietly and listened to these words: "The Father Himself loveth you, because you have loved me, and have believed that I came from God. God sent me." Kiku covered her face with her hands and began to cry. She knew that the loving Saviour, Jesus Christ, had come down from heaven to die on the cross for her. "Jesus loves me! But I have not loved Him," she cried. "Oh, how much He loved me to die on the cross for me. But now I love Him. I want Jesus for my very own Saviour." (Sing chorus if time.)

Not many days after that a strange lady came to the teacher's house and knocked at the door. It was Kiku's mother. "What has happened to Kiku? she asked. "What is it you have been teaching her? My little Kiku is so different. She loves me, she obeys me. Tell me what has made the change. Oh, please let me learn, also."

John 16:27