Do You have Fear?

개요: Forest people fear many things, but God will always be our Companion if we follow Him. The evil spirits are afraid of God. God is with us when we die. Sinner's prayer.

스크립트 번호: 053

언어: English

주제: Evil Spirits, demons; Fear; Obedience; Son of God; Leaving old way, begin new way; Faith, trust, believe in Jesus; Power of God / Jesus; Assurance

청중: Animist; General

스타일: Monolog

장르: Bible Stories & Teac

세분화: Simple

목적: Evangelism; Teaching

성경 인용: Extensive

지위: Approved

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스크립트 텍스트

People of the forest are very much afraid; they are afraid of the night; they are afraid of the darkness; they are afraid of evil spirits. When they hear the owl, they say it is an omen; they are afraid to go out walking. When they sneeze at the door, or trip on the little gate, they are afraid to go out because some evil might come to them. When somebody dies, they are afraid of the shaman. They are afraid to die.

But listen to God's words. This is what God says to all the people who follow Him. To those who believe His words He says, "Fear not, for I am with you." If we follow and obey Him God says He will always be our Companion. He accompanies us wherever we go or whatever we do. If we go down to the town, He is our Companion. Even when we sleep, He watches over us. Our God never sleeps. He sees us all the time, even if there is no light in the house. He watches over us. He says, "I will never leave you." How good!

(Name of people or tribe) don't be afraid. God is with you if you have left your sin and are following His words. Our God is good - better than all. Our God is strong - stronger than all. He is stronger than the evil spirits. The evil spirits are afraid of God. They run away from Him. God walks beside us all the day and night. We cannot see Him because He is a Spirit. We know He is there because He says so in His Word. Even if we cannot see God walking beside us, the evil spirits can see Him. When they see God accompanying us, they run away. They are afraid of God. He will stop them. They cannot come near us. How good! (Name of people or tribe) do not be afraid of the spirits. Do not be afraid of omens, of the dark, and the night. God is your Companion. He takes care of you if you have left your sin and are obeying His Word.

Listen to what else God says: "Even though we pass through the valley of the shadow of death, we should fear no evil, because He is with us." He is with us when we die, whether our death is quick, or whether we have been sick for a long time. He is right beside us. (Name of people or tribe) Don't be afraid to die - God is with you. He will send His Son, His name is Jesus, to take you to Heaven when you die. How good! That is good news, if you have left your sin and are obeying God's Word.

But if you have not left your sin, and if you are not obeying God's Word, then God does not accompany you. He wants to be with you. Leave your sin and follow His words. He will go with you all the time, even to death. Say to Him, "Oh, God, I want You to be my Companion. I now turn from my ways of sin, and I will obey Your words. I believe Your Son, Jesus, died to bear the punishment for my sins. I ask You to forgive me. From now on, I will follow You."


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