Jesus, Prophet or Messiah?

개요: Dialogue. How the prophet Jesus was different from other prophets (Jesus' life and miracles). He was far more than just a prophet.

스크립트 번호:326
주제:Resurrection of Jesus; Love of God; Death of Christ; Life of Christ; Power of God / Jesus; Authority
장르:Messages and Fiction
성경 인용:Extensive

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스크립트 텍스트

1. Greetings. Are you well?

2. Yes, I am well. Praise be to Allah. What is that book in your hand?

1. Oh, this is the Holy Scriptures, the writings of God. I carry it with me often.

2. What are you reading about?

1. I am reading the Injil and learning more about Jesus the Messiah.

2. We also have a great deal of information about the Prophet Isa in the Quran. We read how he was born of Mary in a special way while she was still a virgin. He was a great religious leader and teacher to whom we should pay the greatest respect. We Muslims call him nabi (prophet) and rasul (messenger) of God.

1. I am glad that you already know much about Jesus the Messiah. The Holy Scriptures also teach us much about Him. He grew up the same as our children do. He ate and drank, experienced pain and joy, suffering and temptation. Yet through it all He was without sin. Yet there is more than this. Things happened in His life to make Him different from any other prophet.

2. Please tell me more about the life of the prophet Jesus, and what things make Him different from other prophets.

1. I will be very happy to tell you. One incident happened at the very beginning of His ministry. When Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan by prophet John the Baptist, a voice thundered from Heaven saying, "This is my Beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased." This set Jesus apart for His ministry. Jesus afterwards announced, "The Kingdom of God is at hand." With this a new age had begun which had been prophesied by the prophets of Israel.

2. What is this new age Jesus the Messiah spoke about?

1. Through Jesus the Messiah blind people received their sight, lepers were healed, the dead were raised to life. Sinners received forgiveness of their sins and heard the good news about the love of God. Jesus, our Lord, revealed to us the power and the love of God. He showed us that God is our loving Father.

2. Jesus must have had a lot of followers if He did all this. But you believe that Jesus was executed, don't you? Why was that?

1. Yes, He had many enemies. These evil men rejected Jesus the Messiah. They took Him and killed Him. Actually Jesus allowed them to. He gave His life of His own choice, but this wasn't the end. The death of the Messiah didn't mean He was defeated. God made His death to be a sacrifice by which He was able to take upon Himself our sins. God raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead. He was victorious over all the powers of evil. Jesus the Messiah is alive today. After His resurrection He appeared to His followers and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me... I am with you always to the end of the age." All this shows that Jesus the Messiah was far more than just a prophet.

2. I had not heard that before.

1. You see it was because He was without sin that He could bear the punishment (make payment) for our sins. Thus we can be free by putting our trust in Him. My friend, this is why I have peace. Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."