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SaberCopy in action - a versatile program for copying to USB devices.

The SaberCopy utility is designed for fast and simple copying of file structures to multiple removable drives such as USB memory sticks, SD memory cards, MP3 players such as the Saber, MegaVoice, Kulumi, Renew World Outreach or upcoming Galcom players, and all sorts of other USB devices.

SaberCopy software assists with copying of files to these devices with a range of useful features:

  • Files can be placed in a specific order. This is done by writing files in sequence for first-in-first-out devices, or by prefixing file and folder names with a sequence number, and stripping out the TITLE tag from MP3 files.
  • Audio announcements and/or end signals can be added to the destination drives. These can be added from a supplied library of numeric announcements, or be generating announcements in a range of languages using the text-to-speech capabilities of Windows.
  • Copying can be done to multiple removable drives simultaneously - either directly up to the number of available drive letters on your machine, or indirectly by mounting those devices. The state of each drive is clearly shown during the process.
  • In Fast Copy Mode, copying will commence automatically as soon as a device is plugged in. This speeds up the copying process when there are dozens or even hundreds of devices to copy to.
  • Various levels of checking and verification can be selected to ensure that files are structured and named appropriately, and that they are copied without error.
  • Collections of files and copying options are defined in a Saber Project file which can be saved for later reuse. A manifest of the contents of a project can be printed for users.

SaberCopy comes in English, French, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

Download SaberCopy Utility (9.5MB) and the User Guide for SaberCopy.

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 or later, or compatible operating system (such as Linux with Wine, or macOS with CrossoverOffice).

Current version: (5 September 2022)


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