Saber: The End of an Era

Many people have worked to provide Sabers to the world
Many people have worked to provide Sabers to the world

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Ray and Graham working with Sabers in GRN's workshop

Over the last few weeks we have re-evaluated the Saber II project. Progress was slow and circumstances have changed. The market is dwindling and we couldn't find enough potential customers. The result is that we will not go ahead with a new model of the Saber.

We will continue to provide parts and service for existing players.

GRN Australia has been in the business of designing and manufacturing players from our very beginning. Until now there has always been a need to produce a hand wind player so that people could hear the story of Jesus in their language.

There are now so many different options out there which allow people to hear our recordings that we don't believe we need to produce our own player.

Give thanks with us for the many talented inventors and the dedicated staff and volunteers who have produced thousands upon thousands of players in the Australian office.

Please pray for 5fish, access to recordings from our website, and provision of suitable players so people can continue to access GRN recordings and audio-visual messages.


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