Hope in a European Refugee Camp

A refugee camp in Europe
A refugee camp in Europe

이 페이지는 한국어로 제공되지..

A GRN team was meeting with Christian refugees in a camp in Europe. A man came to the door. He identified himself as a Muslim and an Iraqi. He had some religious questions which he took to his Iman. The Iman kicked him out, telling him that he was a dead man. He had to leave the country.

He said "If I find the truth, it's not for me but for all the others. And if it is to be a Christian, I will spend my life telling others. I want hell to be empty!"

The team told him the story of Nicodemus from John chapter 3. After a few hours he was asked if he wanted to receive Jesus immediately. The man was amazed that it was possible. He replied "Why not!" He prayed and it was done. He returned the next day and stayed until evening.

Pray that many Christians will take the opportunity to reach out to refugees and migrants wherever they find them. Pray for the work of God in their hearts and that many would come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.


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