Tshabela Pholosong [Flight To Freedom] - Sotho, Northern

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Dramatized presentations of a story or parable.

프로그램 번호: 66432
언어 이름: Sotho, Northern

프로그램 길이: 49:09

Tshabela Pholosong

Tshabela Pholosong

레코딩 참고사항

For Jack and Thabo crime is a way to make a living while poverty previals and opportunities are few. They’re involved with drug dealing and armed robbery. One day Jack shoots a security guard. He persists in his ways, while Thabo eventually starts to show signs of doubt: Does crime pay in the long run ... The local primary school teacher plays a big role to help Thabo make an important decision in his life. This would effect the lives of his whole family and many more for the better. This video is distributed by GRN with the permission from Mema Media.

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