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프로그램 번호: 38346
언어 이름: Marwari: Jaipuri

프로그램 길이: 56:42

소개 of word of Life


1. 소개 of word of Life

Creation and fall


2. Creation and fall

Praises and adore the king of Jerusalem


3. Praises and adore the king of Jerusalem

The birth of Jesus


4. The birth of Jesus

Tell others about Jesus


5. Tell others about Jesus

Jesus the mighty one


6. Jesus the mighty one

Jesus shed His blood for you


7. Jesus shed His blood for you

Why man is different


8. Why man is different

O Lord come into my heart


9. O Lord come into my heart

A new nature


10. A new nature

In the name of Jesus we have salvation


11. In the name of Jesus we have salvation

The return of Christ


12. The return of Christ

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