Global Recordings Mission Prayers App

Global Recordings Mission Prayers App

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PrayerMate is another app to help with praying for mission

The GRN Mission Prayers App is a simple way of informing you of GRN prayer needs and answered prayers.

Choose when and how often you pray. Download it from Google Play™, AppStore or Amazon.

You can also access GRN's prayer points using the PrayerMate app, which is suitable for iOS and Android devices. Download it from or from the usual sites offering apps.

Keep track of how God has answered your prayers as you partner with us in "Telling the Story of Jesus in Every Language"

Mission Prayers App Demo

Mission Prayers App Demo is an interactive demo to help you get started.


최근 세계 기도 뉴스 및 메모 - 기도는 GRN 업무의 가장 중요한 부분입니다. 동참하세요.

호주 - 호주에 관한 정보

A Call to Prayer - Prayer is a vital way to partner with GRN to bring the gospel to many.

Pray - Rejoice! - GRN Australia needs your prayers!