Omega Solar Audio Bible

The player features a speaker and an easy to use on/off/volume control at the front
The player features a speaker and an easy to use on/off/volume control at the front

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The player is slimline and has a solar panel at the rear for recharging.

The Omega Solar Audio Bible is the result of a unique collaboration between mission workers, technology specialists and entrepreneurs.

The Omega Solar Audio Bible

  • was developed with 4 key values in mind: engineering for single-use mission application, durability, economic value and open collaboration.
  • is a solar powered player and that can be used completely off-the-grid. It charges roughly in half of play-time (2 hours of charge give you about 1 hour of play-time through the speaker).
  • can be used with a larger group but it also features an earphone plug.
  • uses a 3 level folder structure for file storage and audio management. This means that switching between different language versions or between different types of content (e.g. Bible and other content) is simply a matter of pushing one button.
  • is engineered for durability and made splash resistant so that it will operate as long as possible.

The Omega Solar Audio Bible is pre-loaded with content. Just turn the unit on and start listening. No programming is required.

  • Auto Resume: The Omega Audio Bible will always start and resume playing at the point you turn it off.
  • Earphone Output: 3.5mm
  • USB Port: supports connecting USB adapter to link up with computer.
  • Ease of Use: easy to use control function keys
  • Powerful Speakers: high efficiency speaker for easy listening both indoor and outdoor
  • Splash Resistance: splash-resistance design: unit is built to resist splashes of water. Increased dust and dirt protection
  • Portability: player can be put inside pocket or inside handbag
  • Password Protection: The content of the player cannot be changed without entering the password sequence. This is available from your distributor.

For more information on this project and the player see the Omega Solar Audio Bible site at

For details about how to load content onto the player see the AudioVie website at


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