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Kish - GRN Director

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by Graydon Colville
Edited by Wendy Bytheway

"Do you have a minder? Is someone meeting you here? It's not safe! I'm afraid for you."

After ten years of trying to visit Nigeria, these were not encouraging words to greet me on my arrival. I was standing in the money changer queue in Lagos airport and the words came from a well dressed Nigerian woman standing near me. Thankfully they proved not to be prophetic as the worst thing that happened to me was missing my international flight on the way out and having to spend the night on the floor of Lagos airport.

The country itself did not fare so well! While I was there a bomb exploded in a bus park in Abuja killing many and nearly 200 school girls were abducted by the Boko Haram in the north. Nigeria is a troubled country.

However, God has watched over our team there. They have had some narrow escapes, but despite the violence and despite limited financial resources, they continue to do what they can to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to those who need to hear it.

I met Daniel, a local evangelist, who regularly uses GRN materials to courageously reach out to Muslims and to disciple those who come to the Lord... and some do.

On a recent village outreach, a shaman heard the Gospel message being broadcast from loud speakers on the roof of the GRN vehicle which had come to his village. The GRN team had left the cassette running while they went into the house of the local pastor. When the tape ran out, the shaman came and knocked at the door asking for the tape to be played again. When the broadcast was over he asked for a copy, promising the GRN team to listen to it. He also agreed to come and meet the pastor which he has been doing for some time since this day. He is asking many questions about faith. But his story is not finished yet. Please join us in praying for the salvation of this man. He has heard much about faith in Jesus and Allah. For years this man had resisted the attempts of both Muslims and Christians to win him over.

Once or twice a month the team goes out, usually in partnership with a local church or mission, sometimes recording new languages, often distributing cassettes and CDs, showing films and witnessing to people in the villages. The team shares the words of life. Sometimes they take a medical team and provide free treatment and good used clothing to the very poor. In these troubled days, the GRN team is focussing their outreach mainly on so-called 'Christian' villages. In these villages the Christianity has been so infected by the influence of traditional African religion that it is hardly recognisable. Visiting Muslim villages is a huge risk to the team.

In December 2013 during an outreach to a small village in Plateau State 40 people indicated their acceptance of the Lord. They were entrusted to the care of a local pastor.

The GRN team work hard: apart from the ministry, three of the team are doing Bible College study on the weekends and are also involved in their churches. Most of them also manage a small business of some kind to supplement their support. They need our prayers and support.

For more information go to Nigeria's GRN Home Page

Please pray with us . . .

  • For the peace of Nigeria and for the growth of God's church there.
  • For the GRN team, and its ministry of recording and distribution.
  • That many will hear and come to faith in Christ.
  • For God's blessing on the income generation projects that many of the staff run to help support themselves.
  • Three GRN staff are doing part-time Bible College studies. Pray that they will learn a lot and be better equipped to serve God. Pray also for God's provision to cover their fees and study costs.
  • Director Kish, provides water from his well to others in his community. Pray that this service will result in blessing for Kish and the community and that 'rivers of living water' will flow out from GRN's ministry.


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