Position Available: GRN International Director

Position Available: GRN International Director

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Role summary

To provide visionary and pastoral leadership to the GRN Centres world-wide in pursuit of the GRN Vision and Mission. The role also involves a measure of administrative oversight, development of key ministry areas and representing the mission at the international level.

The full Position Description can be seen here.

GRN Core Values and Ministry Philisophy may be found here.

Term and Tenure

The appointment will be from the GRN Council meeting 2023 (approximately October) but preferably, the successful applicant will be appointed as International Director designate prior to this date and work with the current ID until the GRN Council meets. Term of appointment is 4 years and it is anticipated that the successful candidate will serve at least two terms in the position.


The successful candidate will need to become a member of a GRN Centre and fulfil the requirements listed on the Position Description requirements.

The position is self funded, preferably through a network of financial supporters and prayer partners. Ministry expenses are covered by the GRN International Budget


Please submit an expression of interest (EOI), including a brief personal history, why you are interested and your current role and circumstances to graydoncolville@globalrecordings.net

Questions about the role or application may also be submitted to the same address.

Following receipt of the EOI, enquirers may be invited to submit a Resume and list of referees and fill out a full application form.


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