Graydon Colville - International Director

Graydon Colville - International Director

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After twelve years as the National Director of GRN Australia, Graydon was appointed International Director for GRN in April 2012.

In this role he provides strategic leadership for GRN, represents GRN at an international level and provides leadership for the International Council, International Leadership Team and Global Ministry Coordinators - those who have international roles. He also oversees script ministries and member care.

When in Australia, Graydon is heavily involved with his local church and serves on the Boards of Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia and SIL Australia.

Graydon and and his wife Wendy spent 12 years with Interserve, serving in Pakistan and Bahrain involved in the support and training of pastors, outreach ministry, Theological Education by Extension and administrative/pastoral support of other Interserve partners.

Prior to joining Interserve, Graydon worked as a Chemical Engineer then as a Baptist Pastor.

For information about GRN policies and partnerships, contact the International Director.


GRN 조직 - GRN 은 공통된 합의와 동의로 연결된 50 개 운영체의 국제 연합입니다.

GRN International Leadership Team - National Directors or Board members appointed by the GRN International Council work with the International Director to provide global leadership.