Gospel on Two Wheels

Pastor Surachay, with Boy and Lot, handing over GRN materials to a Black Lahu villager
Pastor Surachay, with Boy and Lot, handing over GRN materials to a Black Lahu villager

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The team take the bikes on to some very challenging road
Some of the bikes used by the Motorbike Gospel Team

Partnerships are so critical to the worldwide work of GRN that GRN's Mission Statement begins with: "In partnership with the church..." The work of GRN's Motorbike Gospel Team (MGT) in Thailand is no exception. The MGT has spent much time building relationships with local church pastors with whom they can partner so they can take GRN materials to people in the most remote villages in northern Thailand. One is Pastor Surachay who, with his wife, travels by motorcycle to take the Gospel to their own tribe, the Black Lahu people.

Members of GRN's team in Thailand (GRNT) prepare materials, such as Bible story picture books, GRN Lahu recordings and MP3 players; and join Pastor Surachay and his wife on these evangelistic journeys. Late last year, GRNT prepared 100 picture books and MP3 players and drove their motorcycles to Surachay's (Black Lahu) village, Tak Noi, in Fang district. Even though the day they arrived it rained almost all day, the villagers came to get MP3 players and recordings.

The next day, the GRNT team and Pastor Surachay travelled to another Black Lahu village in Fang district where there are two Christian families. The church in this village used to have a Christian worker, but he had to leave the village because of opposition. Pastor Surachay and his wife went to share with the village people. Once a powerful shaman there was sick so Pastor Surachay prayed for him. The shaman's health improved and since then he doesn't oppose Pastor Surachay's visits.

Not long ago, Pastor Surachay shared with the GRNT team about some Christians who stopped going to church for a long time. After listening to the GRNT Lahu recordings, they experienced revival in their hearts and they changed. They cleaned the church and returned to worship services.

Please pray that the distributed recordings will bear fruit and bring revival in the lives of all those who listen.

Pray for Pastor Surachay and his wife, that they will have safety and sufficient finances as they share in various places.

Pray for the GRNT team as they prepare MP3 players, recordings and Bibles to distribute with Pastor Surachay in various places on future trips.


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