The Saber in Use


Testimonials and Stories - GRN Materials in action! Some amazing testimonials of how God is working through GRN recordings, picture books and playback devices.

MP3 Player Distribution - Provide MP3 players to national pastors and evangelists, covering cost of player, freight and customs charges

Electronic prophets speak in remote Australia - When the late Rev Mawunyndjil Garrawirrtja first saw the Saber audio device, it was the day he'd been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

"Saber" 수동 디지털 플레이어 - 현재, Saber 수동 디지털 플레이어는 전세계에 사용되고 잇습니다. MP3 와 WMA 파일을 재상할 수 있는 단단하고 견고한 기기 입니다.

A first glimpse of the Saber player (historic) - The Saber player is a hand wind MP3 player currently in development by GRN. This video shows some of the prototypes in action.