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Your donation will allow people to hear the gospel in their own language, often for the very first time

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GRN recordists are audio specialists who are responsible for capturing and processing the Gospel in audio form for language groups that need Christian resources in their language.

They often work in harsh terrains, without power and so they need portable, robust, high quality equipment to do their work. This will include the digital recording device, headphones, microphones etc.

Your gift will allow people to hear the gospel in their own language, often for the very first time.

Below is a report from one of our 'hard core' recordists. Not everyone works in this challenging a situation, but you may find it inspiring, and it illustrates well the different components of the work.

For more information on Equipping a Recordist, please contact Mark Hughes.

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A Report from One of Our Recordists: A Trip to Northern India

Getting to 'B' village in Northern India

At the beginning of August, Brother 'R' phoned me and requested that I visit his area to produce recordings in the 'B' language. I booked my train ticket and tried to call him back. But the telephone network in his area is very irregular and I couldn't get through. So, I tried to figure out where he is from as I have never met him before. I discovered that 'B' village is in a remote area of Northern India over 190kms from the railway station. So I set off trusting that God would lead me.

On 23 August, I arrived at night at the train station after a 24 hour train trip. It was raining. One Christian brother came to help me. We stayed overnight there as there were no bus services available. Early the next morning we both travelled by bus to the town nearest to the 'B' village. Upon arrival, we heard that there are only two buses a day to the village, and the first bus had already left. So we had to wait for the next bus which was supposed to leave at 1:00 pm. Sadly that day, the bus decided to take a different route as the road was not good. Oh! What to do now? Then we found that a shared Jeep would leave around 3:00 pm. The 10 seat Jeep was already over crowded, with nearly 18 passengers inside. I decided to trust God and boarded the Jeep. When the Jeep left, there were 23 passengers.

By the grace of God, there were not many stops on the way as most of the time we travelled through the forest, and we eventually arrived at 'B' village. Since I had no room to stretch my legs for about three hours, and my right leg had been knocking against a suitcase it was painful for me to walk for some time. Thank God, now I am at my destination after travelling a long way.

The situation in the village

When I arrived I recognised fear and anxiety in their faces. I understood from their conversation that they are experiencing much persecution because of their faith, and there is even a court case in process against them. Since I came from outside of the village, other villagers are keeping a close watch on me. If they come to know the purpose of my visit, they may create problems for us or even harm me. So 'R' said, it would be good for me and them, if I just stay inside in a room, and not go out. They also said: 'If villagers come to inquire about you, we will manage the situation and send them away. Please stay in this room. When you want to go toilet or bathroom, let us know. Please remember, early in the morning we will go to the river for washing and cleaning. We don't have a toilet here'.

When I heard this, I decided that I will drink less water/liquid and eat limited food, so that I do not need to go out often. 'R' also said that they are preaching the gospel among their relatives, and through their relatives. Even though they are non-Christians, they will not make much trouble, because they are relatives. This process is working well and some of his relatives are showing interest, while a few of his sisters who live in other areas have already accepted the Lord.

Language Surveys of the 'K' and 'V' languages

The next day, I went to a nearby area to conduct a language survey. This village is inside a tiger project and inside the forest. We met some local believers from different villages who speaks 'K' language. I played them our old recordings in two 'K' dialects. They could not understand much of the first, but they could follow the second to some extent. They requested that I make some new recordings in their language, and promised to cooperate with the translation and recording. That day we all sat together and discussed many matters related to making recordings. I hope to return and make this recording by the end of this year. Please pray for the language helpers who are now preparing themselves for the recordings.

In addition, while talking to people about the various languages in the area, I found out about 'V', a language with several dialects. When I searched our records, I discovered that many years back, our recordists recorded only two short messages in 'V'. This language is spoken by many villagers in the area and I have added the dialects to our language archive. It will need much prayer to find the right language helpers if I am to record them. May the name of the Lord be praised for these results are all His doing.

Recording the 'B' language

It took us about an hour to set up a small studio in one corner of the room. I then gave some training in speech delivery. We then checked the scripts that had been translated. By late in the evening we were ready to start recording the 'B' language with the help four language helpers.

Power supply is very irregular in these areas, but praise God, from time to time there was power. Sometimes we also used a kerosene lamp to light the place. The language helpers worked well and did their best. One after another messages were recorded. Then I started to record the Good News commentary. It took nearly 18 hours to make the recordings. During this time two of 'R's' neighbours came to inquire about what is happening inside the house. They came twice but 'R's' daughters refused to open the door, but sent them away.

Since most of the villagers are farmers two families joined us for a worship service in the evening after work. I shared from the Word. There were no music, but two vocal songs were sung quietly as the neighbours don't like to hear Christian songs.

The next morning, we all travelled by Jeep and reached a nearby town. We worked all day and by the grace of God, I reached my target of recording 10 songs in their own language. 'R' was very appreciative of my work. I gave him a portable DVD player which he is now using to show evangelistic films made in India. This will help him a lot in sharing the Truth.

Praise God:

  1. For his help, protection and guidance which enabled me to produce these recordings
  2. For allowing me to meet some good people who have a burden to preach the gospel.
  3. For making the arrangements to conduct the language surveys.

Prayer requests:

  1. For the upcoming recording trip of the 'S' language in 'L' region. Pray for the language helpers. None of them are believers, but they showed interest to help in recordings.
  2. For the upcoming recording trip in 'A' region where I will be recording the 'K' and 'S' languages. Pray for my contact, who is working in rural areas and our main contact for this work. He often faces many problems from the anti-Christians. Pray for good climate, good health and good language helpers. Pray that everything may work well and that I might complete the job.
  3. Pray for my language survey trip in 'H' region. I am searching for some good helpers among the 'N' language speaking community. Once I failed to find anyone to help, and this will be my second attempt.
  4. Pray for enough funds to buy blank CD/DVD, SD cards, MP3 players, Portable DVD players, tracts etc. for the field work. I am in need of a laptop now as my old laptop has developed many problems, and often I have to stop the work until it is fixed.

For more information on Equipping a Recordist, please contact Mark Hughes.

Or you can give here, designating your gift to 'Equipping a Recordist'


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