Diane Guiett

Diane Guiett

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Diane is the Instructional Design Global Coordinator (IDGC) based in the US.

The IDGC provides instructional design solutions to support GRN's international functions.

Instructional Design is carried out by a virtual team, spread across multiple locations and GRN centres.

The role of the IDGC Coordinator is to coordinate the efforts of the whole team to:

  • Utilize the strengths of each team member
  • Develop units that are appropriate for training
  • Ensure that cultural areas are treated with sensitivity

The work of the IDGC is to:

  • Understand GRN's core ministry functions and priorities
  • Identify opportunities for online training to assist in various areas
  • Liaise with GRN global and local leadership and, in particular, the Recording Team Training Coordinator
  • Take content developed by Subject Matter Experts and design modules to be used in training staff
  • Update and maintain the Learning Hub
  • Provide training and support in the use of the Learning Hub

For more information, or to get help or offer to help, contact Diane Guiett


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