Canada Praise and Prayer - April 2022

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1. UKRAINE - Pray for peace to be restored to this war torn country. Pray for Christian ministries that are providing care for those that have fled their country.

2. GRN International LEADERSHIP TEAM (ILT) The ILT met for the first time in person since covid. Pray that the decisions made will be a help to the teams as they exit the covid restrictions over the past two years.

3. EUROPEAN TEAM - The GRN workers from across Europe met together last month to share what is happening in their areas. Pray for the teams now as they seek ways to minister to the needs of Ukrainians leaving their country.

4. KENYA - Walter Okelo distributed GRN materials to the Okiek language last month. Pray that the Bible materials will be a blessing and many will hear the Good News of Jesus.

5. KENYA - Pray that Walter Okelo will be able to visit Uganda in the near future. There is a need for GRN materials in this country. Pray that a distribution network may be set up.

6. GRN KENYA - Pray for recordist James, as he researches the four languages that the team is planning on recording this year.

7. GRN Recordists - Pray for GRN recordists as they work with language helpers to translate the Bible scripts. Pray that the material will be accurate and that it will be able to meet the spiritual needs of the hearers.

8. GRN CAMEROON - Joseph and the team in Cameroon are making recordings in six languages. Pray for a good translation process and capable language helpers. Pray the resulting recordings will be used by the Lord to touch the hearts of those who listen.

9. GRN Philippines - The team in the Philippines are facing strict lock-down in Manila, as virus case numbers increase. Please pray for their safety, protection and good use of their time indoors.

10. SOUTH AFRICA - Pray for Dalene Joubert, who is editing and programming recordings made by Oral Bible Translators. There is still much work to be done. Also, pray for Dalene and Johan as they move house soon.

11. Canada - Pray for Ruth Horan as she updates the GRN database of older recorded materials. It is important that the correct language names and recording details are in the GRN system.

12. GRN PNG - Patricia Yehembe, has been researching the Sare language, from the East Sepik Province. Pray for wisdom in this process, and for Merolin Gawa who is promoting the ministry by visiting churches and fellowship groups in Port Moresby.

13. INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR SEARCH - Please continue to pray that God would raise up the right person for this role. Pray also for wisdom for the ID search committee.

14. GRN International - Pray that God will direct us to the people who can help to translate the GRN and 5fish websites for 15 uncompleted translations and 20 other languages.

15. PAKISTAN - The Dameli speakers of Pakistan live in the Damel Valley. The population is 100% Muslim. Pray for an opportunity for GRN to record their language, so that many might hear the Word of God and be saved.

16. THAILAND - Please pray for wisdom to plan for training recording teams in a neighboring country where many Bible Listening Groups gather around MP3 players to listen and discuss GRN and other recordings.

17. HE IS RISEN - Praise God for the saving grace of His son, Jesus.

18. GRN website - The GRN global website ( provides information about the mission and access to all GRN's audio, video and scripts. Pray for Rob McDonell, as he manages the content and looks to rework some of the site's functions.

19. THAILAND - Please pray for the Thailand team as it works on a section of the Good News script that may need a more creative approach. The first half of the script is chronological stories from the Bible, but the second half is teaching on living the Christian life.

20. CANADA - The GRN Canada board meets this evening via a zoom conference. A new Board member is being considered this evening. Pray for God's guidance in all of the decisions that are made.

21. CANADA - David and Marian Elliott will be sharing at the Central Baptist Church seniors meeting In Brantford today. Pray that a greater understanding of the GRN ministries will encourage the people to support the ministry in prayer and finances.

22. INDIA - India still has many unrecorded languages. Currently there is no GRN Centre there to coordinate a strategic recording and distribution program. Pray that God in His time, will establish a viable operation to further the proclamation of the Gospel in all of India's languages and speech varieties.

23. THE LIVING CHRIST - We received a request for The Living Christ (a program about the life of Jesus) to be recorded in standard Arabic, to help gospel workers in refugee camps in France. The Arabic speakers in the Australia office were able to translate the script and are hoping to record the message and make it available soon. Please pray for the recording and its future use amongst Arabic speakers everywhere.

24. THAILAND - Pray that the team will continue to develop a Good News script for the Thai people that is true to God's Word, and speaks clearly and powerfully to people's hearts and minds.

25. CANADA - Each year the GRN Canada corporation members meet to go over the previous year financial and other reports. Pray that the members will be able to meet in person this year. For the past two years the meeting was held via zoom.

26. SENSITIVE ASIAN COUNTRY - Give thanks for a productive recording and distribution trip made in about 5 different languages during November and December.

27. CANADA - David Elliott has served as the Canadian director for over 15 years. There is a need to find his replacement. Pray for the Lord's leading to the person of His choosing to continue this great ministry.

28. BANGLADESH - Give thanks for Director James and the team. Pray for God's guidance and protection to be over all areas of their lives and ministry. May they rejoice, persevere and be encouraged, even as they work in a difficult and often hostile country.

29. CANADA - Allan McGuirl, a previous director of GRN Canada and the founder Galcom International will be celebrating 50 years of service tonight. Galcom uses GRN audio materials on many of their radios and digital players. Praise God for the many years of faithful service and the ministry of Galcom.

30. Pray for GRN Canada as the board continues the search for a replacement Director for myself. David Elliott


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