Canada Praise and Prayer - September 2021

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1. Canada - Praise God that Kevin Horan has received his visa for Canada. Pray for Kevin and Ruth, as they now make plans for the move. They need to sell their house in California, pack there belongs to ship to Canada and find housing.

2. Canada - Pray for David Elliott, as he prepares the Update for mailing this month.

3. Mexico - A recordists training program was held in Mexico during the month of August. Pray for the trainees that they will put into practice what they have learned. There is still a great need for new languages and more recordings to be made in Mexico.

4. Nigeria - Kish Bai and Joshua Bello are working from Jos in northern Nigeria. Pray for God's protection upon them, their families and the volunteers who help in the midst of increasing violence, kidnappings and robberies. As Kish and Joshua visit villages to record. Pray for the advance of God's kingdom as people hear and respond to the good news.

5. South Africa - Pray for Dalene Joubert and Joel Juedes as they receive and process recordings made by Oral Bible Translators in several Southern African countries. Pray for the translators, several of whom have been ill with Covid, and the family of Tsidiso who died of Covid. Pray for the translation work to continue, and for people to listen to the scripture portions that have already been completed.

6. Philippines - Francis Cadorna has finished recording the Look, Listen & Live series in Tagalog, which is the most widely used language in the Philippines. Pray that these recordings might be used widely and transform those who listen.

7. Kenya - Walter Okelo's wife Pauline is expecting their third child this month. Pray for Pauline that she would have a good health and the safe delivery of their baby.

8. Ecuador - Recordist Gustavo has made recordings in the Secoya language (spoken in Peru and Ecuador). Pray that these messages will touch many hearts. Pray for future plans for Gustavo and Ines and their two daughters, as they seek to live and serve where needed most.

9. Canada - Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send workers. Canada has many peoples who have come from around the world. This is an opportunity to record Bible stories and messages in needy language groups.

10. International - Continue to pray for the person of God's choosing to take over the role of International Director. Graydon Colville is planning on stepping down in two years' time.

11. PNG - Give thanks for Patricia Yehembe, who has joined the staff in PNG. Patricia will be working in the Sepik Province, preparing for translation and future recording. Pray too for her friend who hopes to join Patricia in this ministry.

12. SUDAN - There are eleven people groups in Sudan with no known believers and no Gospel resources. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send labourers to these people and for God's work in their hearts and minds preparing them to hear Good News.

13. INTERNATIONAL ADMIN - Pray for Jennifer Silas as she helps Graydon Colville, the International Director with administrative tasks associated with the coordination of GRN internationally. She also works in Admin and does other special projects within the GRN Australia office. Jennifer is thankful to God for being part of GRN for the past 4 years, and continues to seek His guidance and direction.

14. East Africa - Ask God to open the way for a GRN recordist to fill two requests to record the Uduk language of South Sudan and the Karamojong language of Uganda. Pray that exposure to the message of salvation will transform many lives.

15. Brazil - Ask the Lord for more workers to join GRN Brazil. There are currently three trained missionaries on the team in Porto Velho with much work to be done.

16. Canada - Diane Roberts, is a great help as she comes into the office once a month to do payroll and keep our finance program up to date. Pray for her as she will be in the office today.

17. PNG - Pray that the work will grow and more churches will use GRN materials to share the gospel.

18. United Kingdom - Kenny and Joan McKee and most of the people in the UK are now vaccinated. They ask for prayer that vaccines will become available for GRN staff in other countries.

19. Nigeria - The "G" language of Nigeria has recently been recorded, after many years of waiting. Recordist Joshua writes: "We had made several attempts to record this language since 2017, but they kept turning us down due to lack of commitment to the things of God. It was so disturbing to us because they really need the Gospel." Praise God for this precious recording, and pray that this will bring many to salvation.

20. Canada - There has been a great deal of publicity recently regarding the native schools across Canada. There are many lives that have been negatively impacted as a result and much healing the needs to take place. Pray for Christian ministries to provide help to our own indigenous peoples.

21. Europe - Pray for Samuel Bouix and his wife Mary, as they he takes on the role of European Director this month.

22. Canada - The GRN Canada board is meeting this evening. Pleas uphold them in prayer as they address the needs of the mission. Pray for Roy Grant, Christina Waters, Bill Pearson, Pierre-Yevis Mutrux, Glenn Wilton and Jon Wilton.

23. Thailand - Please pray for the GRN Thailand team as they continue to carefully re-write the Good News script to be suitable for a Thai audience.

24. Kenya - Pray for James and Walter, as they have plans for more recordings and distributions this year. Pray for safety and open doors for them to minister during the pandemic.

25. International - We would like to push ahead with our new app, called Rekordo, for our field researchers and recordists, but we need more workers. Pray for a few volunteer JavaScript developers who may be willing to contribute a few hours or days per week for an extended period of time.

26. Nigeria - God can still do miracles, but our team in Nigeria lives under much stress. Future plans to record over 400 languages in Nigeria is far beyond our human capacity. Pray for Joshua as he trains Solomon, a new worker.

27. United Kingdom - Kenny McKees recording plans abroad have all been on hold for the past year. As the UK begins to open up pray that he will find opportunities to record here in the UK.

28. France - Teams trained by GRN are going into refugee camps. This initiative is bearing much fruit but pray for protection for converts some of whom suffer persecution from fellow refugees.

29. Nigeria - The GRN Language Research Team has been researching five language groups that have no Christian resources and there are no known believers. They include the Rogo, the Panawa, Maghdi, Tha and the Duqai people. Pray for opportunities to record these languages and to provide the Good News of Jesus.

30. Africa - There are many GRN centres and bases in Africa who work faithfully under very difficult circumstances including drought, famine, terrorism and lack of finance. Please pray for all our friends and teams doing amazing work there despite these difficulties.

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