Canada Praise and Prayer - July 2021

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1. Kenya - Praise God for the recording of the Rabai language. The recording started on June 21st in Mombasa. Pray for God's grace and good health to the recording team and language helpers. The team has been isolating from outside contact at a mission guest house.

2. Canada - Kevin Horan needs to submit additional items for his visa. One of which is a copy of his passport. He is waiting for his renewed passport which was sent away for a number of weeks ago. He needs to send a copy to the Canadian consulate and in order to travel to Canada on the 13th of this month. Pray that his passport will arrive in time for his travel plans.

4. Kenya - The Baringo distribution has been put on hold as tribal fighting has made it unsafe at this time. Pray for the local churches and missions working among this people group. Pray for safety and opportunities to share about the peace that Jesus gives.

5. Kenya - Pray for a vaccination program will be undertaken. The infections are still in the rise and it's a serious issue in Kenya.

6. International - GRN national missionaries are continuing to face Covid 19 challenges. Some countries have experienced new outbreaks. Pray for our workers that they will be kept safe as they continue their vital recording ministry.

7. GRN Canada - The board meets this evening over zoom. Pray for the board members, Bill Pearson; Christina Waters; Jon Wilton, Roy Grant; Tim Whitehead; Pierre-Yves Mutrux and Glenn Wilton.

8. Bangladesh - The team in Bangladesh is living under lock-down conditions. Pray for God's guidance and protection to be over all areas of their lives and ministry.

9. Myanmar - Pray for justice, mercy and peace for Myanmar. Pray for God's people to love neighbour and enemy alike and to persevere in their faith. Ask God to provide people's daily needs and keep them safe. Pray for many to turn to Jesus in repentance and faith

10. Sierra Leone - They are experiencing a third wave of covid -19. It is more aggressive than previous waves. Pray for the GRN workers during this difficult time. They are seeing fellow church members become ill.

11. Africa and Asia - Across Africa, people are in need as Covid compounds existing problems: inflation, lawlessness, terrorism and natural disasters. Many Asian countries are also facing significant challenges. Please pray for God's provision for our people, and for the situation worldwide.

12. Namibia - One of two recordists has become ill. His neighbor passed away with covid 19. Pray for GRN workers in Africa that are facing the reality of covid 19.

13. Canada - The Horan family is planning on traveling to Canada today. Pray that they will have a safe trip and that they will pass through the Canadian border without any delay.

14. GRN Philippines - The GRN Philippines team would love to return to Mindoro Island to distribute completed recordings, and to record more of the languages spoken there. The team has been largely confined to home during 2020. Pray for wisdom and creativity regarding future recording and distribution projects.

15. Indonesia - Pray for opportunities for recordists Candra and Ronnie to make new recordings in languages still waiting to hear the Gospel. Pray for more workers to join them to be trained as recordists, and for an increase in office staff.

16. International - To keep pace with a potential influx of recordists, we need to be prepared to recruit and equip more trainers. Pray for the GRN Recordist Training Team, led by Jon from Thailand, to recruit more trainers and to discover new ways to use online training tools for remote training.

17. From Guinea Bissau - "The first time we played the stories to the leaders of a small village of 400, the expressions on the faces of the listeners were priceless. These stories opened doors to establish relationships with this village and five others, all who now are meeting to worship Jesus together." Pray for village churches to be established.

18. 5fish Distribution - GRN continues to develop the 5fish phone app for distribution of its Gospel content. Pray for stability, reliability and security of the 5fish app.

19. International - Pray for each member of the Global Information Systems Team, who keep the computers running, develop software for use by our recordists and other staff, and process audio and video for distribution. Pray for Rob McDonell who coordinates this team, and seeks to use limited resources as effectively as possible.

20. Kenya - Walter Okelo the team leader shared the following, "Pray for Brother Mohamed from the X people group. He was a language helper who stopped helping when he felt he was betraying his people by translating the Bible into his language. He was fearful that these materials would evangelize his people. I (Walter) met him and finally the Holy Spirit caught up with him and he accepted salvation. He asked for prayers for protection and understanding with his family."

21 Canada - David Elliott asks for prayer that all of the needs of the Canadian office will be met. Over the summer months we tend to see giving drop off. Pray that we will be in the black financially over the summer months.

22. GRN Mexico - Pray for plans currently underway for an August recordist training course to be held in Mexico. Pray for thorough and clear communication for trainers Larry, Chucho, Gustavo, and Chuy. Pray for God's preparation of trainees, spiritually, mentally and physically. Pray for safe travel and for provision of equipment, supplies and housing.

23. Mexco - Pray for God's preparation of the trainees - spiritually, physically, and mentally. Pray for them even now as they complete initial on-line training in advance of the Mexico portion.

24. Europe and Middle East - GRN has many small offices scattered across Europe and the Middle East. Christian workers partner with GRN to seek the strategic placement of GRN's evangelism materials. Pray for fruitful ministry for the people involved with GRN in these countries. They include Belgium/Flanders, Ukraine, Italy, Hungary, Lebanon, and Israel.

25. Kenya - Pray for God's grace and provision for the distribution outreach to the Ogiek, Samburu and Mnyoyaya people groups.

26. SE Asia - Give praises: "Thank you for your prayer for the completion of the Look, Listen & Live series in 'T' and 'R' languages. We were able to complete the two series, and have already uploaded to our Global Studio, and they now are available in our archive."

27. International - The international Leadership Team meets regularly on line to address the needs of the mission. Pray that they will be able to provide help and encouragement to the GRN missionaries that are facing many challenges due to Covid-19.

28. International - Good recordings depend a lot on good scripts. Pray for inspired GRN scriptwriters to understand the world views of major religions, show sensitivity to local cultures, and use their insights to create meaningful, effective scripts.

29. Kenya - Pray that God will open the way to record the Uduk language of South Sudan and the Karamojong of Uganda. James recording the Rabai language.

30. International - GRN has many recordists around the world whose work has been primarily on hold since early 2020, due to the pandemic. Pray for patience and passionate vision as they await opportunity to get back to the work to which God has called them. Many unreached people groups still need to hear the gospel.

31. Canada - Ruth and Kevin Horan appreciate your prayers as they have many decisions to make once Kevin's visa arrives. They will need to sell their house in California and find a new one in Ontario. They are also need to work out schooling for their two children.

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