Canada Praise and Prayer - June 2021

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1. International - As international travel is still not possible in most countries, pray GRN Centres might find local opportunities to record languages that are readily available to them in their own countries. Many contacts could be made through local ethnic communities and churches.

2. Kenya Bible dedication - Walter Okelo, attended the dedication of the Digo Bible. It was three years ago that the GRN Kenya office dedicated recordings of the Look, Listen & Live Bible series and the Good News in Digo language. Pray that the church will grow as they share the Word of God in their heart language.

3. Kenya: Distribution - The team is planning on a distribution on the Baringo language. Pray that the Lord will go before them to open doors of ministry in sharing the Good News of Jesus.

4. Mexico: Distribution - The team did an outreach last month to indigenous language speakers. Pray that the material given out will have a positive impact in sharing the hope that is only possible in Jesus.

5. GRN Netherlands - GRN Netherlands leader, Marion Westerink, asks prayer that she would grow in her new leadership role, and enjoy good cooperation with other GRN teams in Europe. The Netherlands office is sponsoring a recording project in Kenya. Pray that the recording may proceed without delay.

6. Spain - Pray for Joel and Carlos and their families and for the work in Spain, reaching out to migrants from North Africa and other countries. Pray especially for Joel's mother who is in hospital in Mexico suffering with cancer.

7. Bangladesh - Ask God to bring much growth to the work in Bangladesh despite religious opposition in this country. Pray for anointed leadership, fruitful recruitment of workers, and an increase in ministry intercessors and financial partners.

8. Sign language - After much prayer, "Sam's team" in Asia is now reaching out to the deaf by making videos of the Good News message in sign language. The team was shocked to see how these people have been neglected by the local churches. This project is a new experience for the GRN team and for the sign language people. Pray.

9. SOUTH-EAST ASIA - "Thank you for your prayer for the completion of the Look, Listen & Live series in 'T' and 'R' languages. We were able to complete the two series, and have already uploaded to our Global Studio, and they now are available in our archive."

10. Mali - GRN in Mali has a candidate recordist named Ali who is making his first recordings. Pray he will be safe, effective at recording and productive as he aims to tell the story of Jesus in various languages of Mali.

11. Canada - David Elliott asks for prayer as he seeks God's direction for the ministry in the months ahead.

12. Southeast Asia - Pray for Frank Caguin (GRN Australia) as he liaises with a number of our GRN Southeast Asian Centres. Ask God to give him wisdom as he interacts with many individuals, cultures and situations that arise.

13. Kenya - Arrangements are being made to record the Rabia language. The language group has over 120,000 people and is located north of the port city of Mombasa. Pray for the team of pastors that are working on the translations of the Look, Listen & Live, along with the Good News.

14. God is our Jehovah Jireh - Praise God He is our Jehovah Jireh, "the Lord will provide." Pray for an increase in resources so that many more recording teams can be recruited, trained, equipped and sent to the field.

15. Canada - Ruth and Kevin Horan plan on visiting Canada in June and August. Pray that they will be able to come as planned.

16. Asia - A GRN team in Asia has set a target for this year to recruit, train and equip field partners in 12 language zones. These field partners will record and prepare materials with culturally-appropriate content. Pray for successful recruitment and training of those God calls into GRN.

17. GRN BRAZIL - Dionara Peres, GRN leader from Brazil, is arranging for the recording of the New Testament in Kadiweu. Pray for this project, and for new team members to join with them, to help reach the unreached in South America.

18. Europe and Middle East - GRN has many small offices scattered across Europe and the Middle East, where Christian workers partner with GRN to seek the strategic placement of GRN's evangelism materials. Pray for fruitful ministry and for God's anointing and protection over the people involved in these countries. They include Belgium/Flanders, Ukraine, Italy, Hungary, Lebanon, and Israel.

19. Ecuador - Pray for recordist Gustavo who seeks to obtain recordings in the Secoya language. Pray that these messages will touch many hearts. Pray for future plans for Gustavo and Ines and their two daughters, as they seek to live and serve where needed most.

20. Colombia - New GRN worker, Philip, was recently trained on GRN recording equipment. He is currently searching out contacts and language helpers in three unrecorded languages in Colombia. Pray for God's direction and enabling for him as he seeks to share God's message with these groups.

21. NEW INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR - Continue to pray that God would lead us to the person of His choice who will take over from Graydon Colville as International Director when his current term ends in 2023.

22. International: Preparing more trainers - To keep pace with a potential influx of recordists, we need to be prepared to recruit and equip more trainers. Pray for the GRN Recordist Training Team, led by Jon from Thailand, to recruit more trainers and to discover new ways to use online training tools for remote training.

23. Kenya - There is a need to reprint the picture books that are given accompany the GRN audio recordings. The cost to print all of the needed books is $5,000. Pray that this need will be met.

24. Asia - GRN is reaching out to seven minority language groups in a small Asian country. There are no known followers of Christ among these seven groups. Pray that churches in neighboring areas will work with GRN to find language helpers

25. Philippines - Pray that the Lord will bring great increase to the work in the Philippines. There is much to be done recording and distributing the gospel throughout the Philippines' many islands. Pray for anointed leadership, fruitful recruitment of committed workers, and a surge in ministry intercessors and financial partners.

26. International - GRN has a tremendous amount of recording to do in India, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Half of the unrecorded languages are in these countries. Pray for an upsurge in recording opportunities. Pray too for a great increase in workers and ministry partners for these difficult areas.

27. Mexico - Pray that the Lord will bring great increase to the work in Mexico. There is much to be done in the way of recording the Good News in every language. May the work be done according to the Holy Spirit's direction resulting in a multitude of new worshipers from all the tribes and languages of Mexico.

28. Workers to help carry the load - Ask God to sustain and encourage each of our recording teams. Ask Him to bring in many new workers to help carry the load and deliver the message where it has never before gone.

29. Trauma ministry - Tumi Tiger is a cuddly toy containing Bible stories holding an MP3 player. It is used to help and comfort needy and traumatized children. Ask God to extend its influence within South Africa and further afield.

30. Canada - Pray for the Lords continue leading for David Elliott and the Board as we address the daily needs of the mission. Also pray that the Lord will abundantly bless the ministry.

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