Canada Praise and Prayer - May 2021

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1. GRN Virtual Banquet - Our virtual meeting with David Garrison was an encouraging time as we heard how God has been making great strides in the Muslim world. See the recording here. Praise God for the people movements that have happened in the Muslim world. Pray that many more will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus.

2. MYANMAR - Myanmar is in the midst of a terrible situation right now. Pray for a good and peaceful resolution to the trouble, and for the Gospel to go out. Pray for people to find salvation, comfort and peace through our Lord Jesus Christ.

3. Canada - Pray for Kevin and Ruth Horan, as they wait for news regarding Kevin's visa to move to Canada. Pray for patience as they work from home during the pandemic.

4. Project 270 - There are 270 languages with no known believers and no Gospel resources. Eleven of these languages are located in Sudan. Pray that language helpers will be found for these languages.

5. Sign language - After much prayer, "Sam's team" in Asia is now reaching out to the deaf by making videos of the Good News message in sign language. The team was shocked to see how these people have been neglected by the local churches. This project is a new experience for the GRN team and for the sign language people. Pray.

6. GRN Tanzania - The decision has been made to close down the administrative base in Tanzania. The ministry of recording and distribution will continue from the Kenya office. Pray for local partners that have a burden to see GRN materials made available to the smaller language groups in the country.

7. 5fish distribution - During the pandemic, GRN has been dependent on the 5fish phone app for distribution of its gospel content. Pray for stability, reliability and security on the 5fish app and that God will protect it from those with evil intent.

8. Australia - Please pray for Yousif and Vivian, they will be recording local Aboriginal languages in the Northern Territory of Australia. They will be living and working there 6 months. Pray for Yousif to remember and practice well the training he has received recently for this recording trip.

9. GRN Mexico - GRN Mexico leader, Jesus "Chucho" Loyo, has three potential new recordists awaiting training in Mexico. Pray for them as their start with GRN is delayed, due to the effects of Covid-19.

10. Mexico distribution - Praise God for a recent trip led by GRN US fielder, Mike Hendricks. He took four volunteers to several agricultural camps near Hermosillo, Mexico, for distribution of GRN materials and for children's ministry. Pray that the messages and lessons left with these hard-working folks will bring forth much fruit.

11. Guinea Bissau in West Africa - "The first time we played the stories to the leaders of a small village of 400, the expression on the faces of the listeners was priceless. These stories opened doors to establish relationships with this village and five others, all who now are meeting to worship Jesus together." Pray for churches to be established among these villages.

12. GRN UK - Kenny McKee has been eager to continue his recording ministry in Europe. Pray that God will open doors for him to accomplish recording goals from his home in Scotland.

13. Colombia - A new GRN worker, Philip, was recently trained on GRN recording equipment and is searching out contacts and language helpers in three unrecorded languages in Colombia. Pray for God's direction and enabling..

14. New believers - Through a partnership with a local church in Central African Republic, GRN was able to participate in the celebration of new believers among the pygmies who heard and responded to God. Pray for their spiritual growth in the Lord.

15. Canada - Pray for Diane Roberts, she has continued to help with the financial department from her home during the stay at home orders.

16. GRN Thailand - "Pray that our friend Nanit and his family and friends from the unreached Mpi people group, will listen to the gospel messages on the mp3 player. Pray they would hear God speaking to them through those messages.

17. French-speaking recordists - Pray for the efforts underway for two French-speaking recordist trainees to be trained in Africa..

18. GRN EUROPE - Pray for Michou and Pierre, as they lead the GRN work in Belgium. Normally they lead teams reaching out to migrants in their city. Covid has limited the work they have been doing.

19. GRN International - GRN has many recordists around the world whose work has been primarily on hold since early 2020, due to the pandemic. Pray for patience and passionate vision as they await opportunity to get back to the work to which God has called them.

20. NIGERIA - Nigeria is facing a security crisis: extremists, bandits, kidnappers and herders are wreaking havoc across the nation. Please pray for improved security, and for revival. Pray for the GRN team as they continue to record the Gospel in the languages of Nigeria, ensuring the people can hear it in their heart language.

21. Canada - Pray for David Elliott, as he prepares the reports for the annual GRN Canada business meeting that will take place on the 29th.

22. Inspired scriptwriting - Pray for inspired GRN scriptwriters to understand the world views of major religions, show sensitivity to local cultures, and use their insights to create meaningful, effective scripts.

23. MegaVoice - GRN is the Australian distributor for MegaVoice mp3 players. They receive a moderate number of orders each month for audiobibles within Australia. Please pray more Aussies will learn about this useful resource and be able to hear the Bible read when they want to listen.

24. GRN THAILAND - "Please pray for God to provide a dependable truck for GRNT. For 20 years, we have used our own vehicles for ministry needs. Looking into the future, this is not sustainable, when only Lot and Boy are travelling for ministry purposes. Their personal vehicles are not reliable for the conditions faced."

25. Mexico - Pray for the plans for a recordist training course to be held in Mexico in August. Pray for trainers, Larry, Chucho, Gustavo, and Chuy. Pray for God's preparation of the trainees and the provision of equipment, supplies, housing, and safe travel.

26. Indonesia - Pray for opportunities for recordists Chandra and Ronnie to make good progress recording Bible stories in those languages. Pray for more workers to join them to be trained as recordists, and for an increase in office and promotional teams.

27. SOUTH AFRICA - Dalene Joubert, asks for prayer for her country as Covid-19 has been devastating. Some of her own family members have died from Covid-19. Pray for Dalene and the GRN team, as they continue to work to spread the Gospel in southern Africa, through recordings in many different languages.

28. Canada - Pray for GRN Canada board members who give their time to the ministry. Pray for wisdom as they address the needs of the ministry.

29. GRN Canada AGM - The annual business meeting of the mission is taking place today on Zoom. Pray that this will be a good time of connecting with the corporation members as we share about ministry over the past year.

30. USE OF GRN RECORDINGS - GRN's audio and video materials are being downloaded at an ever increasing rate. Praise the Lord that more people are making use of the recordings. Pray for the Lord to use each and every recording to speak to the hearts of the listeners in their own language.

31. Kenya - Pray for Beatrice Inyama, as she is now on her own following the loss of her husband Boaz this past March. Pray for their ongoing health and provision to meet her needs.

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