Ways to be Involved

Ways to be Involved

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By now you have had a chance to learn quite a lot about GRN - our ministry, materials, prayer needs, financial policies and short-term missions.

If you have come to the place where you would really like to get involved in GRN, there are several options:

  1. Work with us as a volunteer (if you live reasonably close to Prospect, or have the type of skills like software development, which can be done remotely). Some of the opportunities are listed below, but please contact us regarding other ways you can get involved. globalrecordings.net/auvolunteer
  2. Consider joining us as a full-time or part-time staff member. Again, some of the opportunities are listed below, but please contact us regarding other ways you can get involved. globalrecordings.net/aujobs
  3. Apply for membership of the GRN Australia Corporation. GRN Australia is a public company limited by guarantee and it is the Corporation that elects the Board annually from within its own members. Membership of the Corporation opens the possibility of serving on the Board at a later date. If you would like more information about this please contact us.
  4. Represent GRN in your church. The goal of this is to inspire other church members about what GRN is doing, and give them the opportunity to use our resources or get involved themselves. The commitment is flexible and can include passing on GRN materials, informing the church of GRN events etc. If you are interested please send us your contact details: globalrecordings.net/aurep
  5. Word of mouth is the best way to share good news and we would appreciate your help to make the ministry of GRN better known. Please tell your friends and church about us. Or you might like to send them our subscription page: globalrecordings.net/subscribe

Maybe the above options are not for you. That's OK, but you can pray and that is, in fact, the very best thing you can do for us. Thank you in anticipation for your prayers!

Please feel that at any time you can contact us - to find out something, to order materials, to encourage us or to let us know how we can pray for you. We'd love to hear from you.

Please contact me at the Sydney office on 02 9899 2211 or email me.

Christine Platt

Mission Statement: In partnership with the Church, to effectively communicate the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ by means of culturally appropriate audio and audio-visual materials in every language.


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