Prospect Building Dedication

Praising God with song
Praising God with song

이 페이지는 한국어로 제공되지..

Darren explains Saber assembly
Chris explains sound editing

After two years of planning, red tape and building plus years more of thinking, planning, praying and seeking counsel we have finally moved and the project is finished. Praise the Lord!!!

The project has tested our faith and perseverance. We are very thankful for each one of you who prayed, advised, encouraged, gave and worked hard to see it through to completion.

Just prior to fitout commencing, a severe storm flooded the building, revealing significant design flaws which could then be addressed before fitout and moving in. It was an expensive and time consuming event, but so much less troublesome than a similar storm would have been had we moved in. We see God's hand at work in this.

As the project was nearing the end a series of small delays and problems emerged, and the moving date looked in danger of becoming a perpetually moving target. We rallied the troops to pray and fast each Wednesday until the move took place. Interestingly the problems remained but we felt able to go ahead with the move regardless. Thank you to everyone who fasted and prayed with us.

The move was an amazing event. Removalists moved the office in a day - coloured spots told us where everything had to go. It took 9 blokes and 3 trucks 11 hours to finish the job. We are all so thankful that we didn't attempt to do it ourselves. Moving the factory was done over the next couple of weeks.

The final details of selling our Castle Hill property and getting the final paperwork in order also proved problematic and were again the object of much prayer. Praise God that it is all now done.

We had a wonderful day on the 3rd of November, dedicating our new property to our Lord's service and officially opening it. Thank you to all who joined us. We hope you enjoyed the tour too.

By this time, we were all pretty much exhausted. We took advantage of GRN's global day of praise to take time out, reflect on all that God has done over the past couple of years and praise Him, have some fun and enjoy a scrumptious Indonesian feast. It seemed a fitting end to a long and drawn out process.

Now that we have moved and are able to grow again God has been leading some wonderful people to join us in various volunteer roles. We thank Him...

We are now enjoying putting our lovely new facilities to good use. The Sabers are back in production, thanks to a happy band of volunteers. The studios are fitted out and recordings are being prepared for distribution. Our computer people are doing their stuff keeping up with technological change and making sure our recordings can be easily accessed and distributed.

Now that we have moved and are able to grow again God has been leading some wonderful people to join us in various volunteer roles. We thank Him for their enthusiastic contributions.

We continue to seek out ways to connect with the church and partner with it in order to fulfill our mission of "telling the story of Jesus in every language".

Please pray with us:

  • Thank God for all the prayers that He answered during the building project. We had no injuries, and experienced God's blessings in so many ways.
  • Thank God for all those that have made generous donations and interest free loans to our building fund.
  • Now that we have room to grow again, please pray for God to lead the right staff and volunteers to join us.
  • For God's blessing on the building and all who work here and that the work will all be to his glory.


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