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GRN is seeking a full-time (or part time - 4 days/week) accountant to perform the day to day financial processing and reporting functions for the mission. Working in conjunction with the Business Manager and overseeing a team of volunteers, this role involves:

  • processing sales, donations and payments in MYOB and overseeing a team of volunteers who assist in this role;
  • performing monthly petty cash and bank reconciliations, credit card reconciliations, monthly BAS/PAYG (IAS) processing & payments for GRN;
  • helping manage and maintain missionary and ministry donations, and foster positive relations with donors;
  • processing the monthly payroll and superannuation payment;
  • conducting overseas payments and money transfers;
  • handling all non-cash entries;
  • assisting the Business Manager with preparing an annual budget and periodic management reports, and liaising with the Auditor;
  • inventory management;
  • managing GRN assets, and tracking any that enter and exit Australia;
  • ensuring the mission complies with legal, tax and employment regulations, and maintaining appropriate levels of insurance;
  • ensuring the accounts are maintained in a complete and accurate manner;
  • assisting with ongoing review, update and maintaining of financial processes, procedures, documents and manuals, including online systems relating to financial transactions;
  • provide input to the Business Manager on matters of investment, expense management and financial policy;
  • managing cash.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone to use their finance / administrative gifts to help people hear about Jesus in their own language.

Accounting or bookkeeping qualifications and experience are essential, as is a good knowledge of MYOB and mid level working knowledge of Excel.

Contact GRN Australia if you are interested.

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