What Price Obedience



Some Boxophones

By Elvie Nicoll

Published in 1982

"How could I start a record factory in India?"

Elvie Nicoll was born into a Christian home in Auckland, New Zealand and soon found Jesus Christ as her own saviour. She was one of the first students of the New Zealand Bible Training Institute but health problems prevented her outgoing to the mission field as she had planned.

Elvie (as all her friends affectionately know her), came to Melbourne, Australia, for a holiday but stayed more than 20 years and became involved in many mission activities.

From there she was led into Gospel recordings and became a vital member of the team seeking to reach tribal people with the Good News.

'What Price Obedience' is the story of how Elvie, by this time in her sixties, put together thousands of "Boxophones" with her own hands, and was led by God in all sorts of other ways.

Evie said "The Boxophone is a simple little gramophone which proved very popular. It sent forth its message loud and clear. Indonesia had no commercial gramophones at all, so it was necessary to make our own. I assembled over two thousand of these while I was there."


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