What has Tumi Tiger been up to??

Constable Ronél de Kock demonstrating Tumi.
Constable Ronél de Kock demonstrating Tumi.


The production team: At the back from left to right: Marié (voice artist), Lizelle (Manager at Wordwise Media), Dalene (Coordinator of GRN Projects in Southern Africa). In front: Tumi Tiger and Neil (sound engineer at Wordwise Media)
Marié du Toit recording

Tumi Tiger has been comforting children. In the photos to the right, one of our faithful coworkers, Constable Ronél de Kock has been demonstrating Tumi - at the hospice in Mbekweni, outside Wellington in the Western Cape (right photo). She shows one of the workers from the organisation Be Part how Tumi may be used in their work with vulnerable children (left photo).

Requests like this one came in for Tumi to learn Afrikaans:

Dankie Vir Tumi Trippeltone / Thank You for Tumi Trotting Toes
"Ons wil weereens net baie dankie sê vir Tumi. Die Engelse gestremde kinders vind baie baat daarby by die skool. Die maatskaplike werkers vind ook baie baat daaruit want hulle gebruik dit vir kinders wat baie getraumatiseer is. Ons sal baie bly wees as ons vir Tumi in die toekoms in Afrikaans kan kry, want die oorgrote meerderheid van ons kinders is Afrikaans.
Groete in Christus.
Elmaré de Lange."

Translated to English:
"We just want to say thank you again for Tumi. The English disabled children benefit from it at school. The social workers also benefit greatly from it because they use it for children who are very traumatised. We will be very happy if we can get Tumi in Afrikaans, because the vast majority of our children are Afrikaans-speaking.
Yours in Christ.
Elmarié de Lange"

And so, after months of preparation - Tumi Tiger can also speak Afrikaans

Earlier this month we were able to record the 38 Tumi Tiger chats in Afrikaans. It took exactly 10 hours recording time, split over 4 working days.

We decided that it would save time and finances to use a professional studio, since we needed to also use a professional voice artist to do the voice of Tumi. We chose Wordwise Media to help us with the production.

During the next 4-6 weeks Niel will edit the audio.

User options available on the Tumi 'chatter box'. We can:

  • co-load the English and Afrikaans tiger chats on one player,
  • load only the language of your choice - Afrikaans or English,
  • add Scripture in Afrikaans or/and English, and/or any other language. (Tumi occasionally quotes Scripture verses from time to time. Having the audio Bible on the player as well, will enable listeners to listen to the proper Scripture portion if they would choose to do so.

For more information about the content of the Tumi Tiger audio program and about this project, visit Tumi's page on our website.


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