Fresh from the field in South Asia

Editing the recordings
Editing the recordings


Praise God for the language helpers and the checking work that was done

(Adapted from a report of a recordist in GRN South Asia. Names and identities of people, places and languages withheld for security reasons.)

In 2014 God opened a door for us to record two programs in a particular language in South Asia. One programme was entitled 'Good News' and the other was 'Confession of Faith'. On a later visit we gave some SD memory cards to the language helper who had worked with us to make the recordings. He was very happy that his people could listen to the word of God in their own language.

I recently visited this people group again and asked the language helper for feedback about the previous distribution of recordings. He said that the people were so amazed to hear the good news in their own heart language. As he told me testimonies of how God used these recordings to bless people, joy and encouragement filled me. I am glad that we were able to record the programmes with the help of local partners. Praise the Lord that since 2014 these two programs have blessed more than 577 people. We thank everyone who prayed and supported these recordings.

In April this year we were able to visit this people group to make recordings of the 'Look, Listen and Live (LLL)' series in this language. Our original language helper checked the translations and recordings while another language helper did translations and gave his voice to the recordings. They said translating and recording the stories in the LLL series really blessed them. They said the stories brought them a lot of joy and learning. They added that they have never read nor heard more than 90% of the stories we have now recorded.

For me it was a great privileged to be involved with them in the translation and recording of this language. I saw the growth in their spiritual lives as they went through these stories and truths of the Bible.

Please keep praying for both the language helpers and their families.


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