Perfect timing: a Seafarer delivers GRN materials

GRN Sabers and flipcharts heading off to the Pacific Dolphin
GRN Sabers and flipcharts heading off to the Pacific Dolphin


Seamans Missions around UK reach crew members from many different cultures
Eliezar - on board as a cook
Abraham - working as a fitter and turner

Recently we have been sending out materials and some of our 5fish cards out to Seamans Missions around the UK. Last week I sent two parcels of flip charts and Saber units etc to a chaplain called Mike. These materials were for 2 ship crew members he visits each time they are in dock or anchored off shore.

One lot went to a guy from Indonesia and the other guy was from the Philippines. (Both from different ships and both are vibrant Christians who lead fellowship groups onboard their ships. They also run Sunday schools and street kids in the own countries). They both loved our materials.

Here's an email I got today from my friend Mike.

To: GRN Global Recording Network UK
Subject: The Lord sent a boat to collect your package

Hello Kenny,

Here was my problem, Your parcel was on my desk but Eliezar the cook to whom it was addressed was on the Pacific Dolphin about two nautical miles off the Angus coast.

However the Lord arranged things so that these three Filipino guys were sent to collect the mail from the shipping agent. I just happened to arrive as they were about to depart. Thank you Lord.

The Bosun came into the Sailors' Society Cabin and I showed him the Saber MP3 Player which I had charged up last night and demonstrated, for him to show Eliezar, how to start and stop the player.

Eliezar (pictured on right) is the Filipino Cook from the Pacific Dolphin. He is an excellent example of an Indigenous Missionary, someone who already knows the language and the culture and has a heart for the lost.

How does one go about identifying such special people?

Port Chaplains visit ships, meet with seafarers from a very wide range of nationalities and are experienced to quickly identify those seafarers who have a heart for the lost.

Eliezar works a five month contract at sea. During the two months break he has at home back in the Philippines he will be using the Saber MP3 Player and large Picture books gifted to him by GRN to preach the Gospel in the poorest areas of this nation of islands.

During these two months the Lord will provide the deputy who will preach the good news when Eliezar returns to sea.

Abraham, (pictured on right) who, when his seven month contract as a fitter on a cruise ship comes to an end, will also be taking home a GRN Teaching pack for the Sunday School he and his wife run in an AOG Church surrounded by mosques in the midst of an Indonesian Muslim city.

Thank you GRN for so empowering these men in their work for the Lord.



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