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Distribution of the recorded message is of vital importance
Distribution of the recorded message is of vital importance


Two audio players - Envoy and GRN's Saber - delivering good news

by Christine Platt CEO Australia

We have been praying for recordists who have been hard at work in Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Philippines, Mexico, Vanuatu and even Australia. It has been exciting to read of their adventures and to think of the people who will now have access to gospel recordings in their own language.

We hope that by the time you read this we will have a new roof on our office building. We will no longer be asking our Lord to moderate the rain that falls on our roof so it will not overflow our gutters and flood the building. We are thankful for His provision of expertise, roofers and funds to complete this huge project.

So much of our distribution is now done over the internet. We are thankful for our software developers who keep on improving the website and 5fish to make it easier to download. They have recently made low resolution videos (3gp format) available, which allows the recordings to be downloaded from locations with very poor internet. The Jesus Film suite of videos (1400 languages) are also available from 5fish.

Sydney's electricity supply may well be unreliable over the coming few years. We are thankful that moving many of our computing functions into 'the cloud' is mitigating even more risk to our computer systems and enhancing people's ability to reliably download our materials. We will also be looking to put solar panels on our new roof!

We are thankful to hear reports back from the African recordist training course which was recently held in Togo. We are thankful for the opportunity to maintain their equipment and for the emerging trainers who are successfully passing on their skills and knowledge. Pray for us as we seek to prepare our recordists well so they can produce excellent materials and for our recordists to have the ability, training and desire to do so.

Praise God for His bountiful provision! Thank you to each one who prayed. GRN has had four months of special prayer internationally: confession and repentance, praise and worship, listening to God, and looking to the future. Our direction was a major focus of our recent international leadership meetings. And God has provided! We expect to finish the financial year in surplus. We are thankful.

This surplus has allowed us to help Bangladesh (replace car engine and distribution trip), Thailand (finish studio construction), South Africa (better quality flipcharts) and the Philippines (distribution trip). We are thankful for the opportunity to support these projects.

An ongoing challenge we face is distribution of recordings in places where phones are not the answer. Audio players exist but they are expensive and many countries charge exorbitant customs duty. We and many of our partners are unable to pay for enough players to meet demand. Please pray with us as we seek a solution to this problem.

Rejoice with us! I hope you are encouraged by what you have read. We thank God for His provision and for all we see Him doing. Pray with us as we seek to tell the story of Jesus in every language and be sensitive to His leading. And again I say, rejoice!


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