Radio Partnership in Action

Radio Partnership in Action


by Christine Platt, CEO Australia

I recently had the pleasure of visiting United Christian Broadcasters Asia-Pacific (UCB) in Brisbane. It was good to meet Ian Worby, Grant Kennedy and Phil Dunk to talk about our ministries and look for ways we can work together. I also enjoyed a tour of their office and studios.

It was wonderful to hear that they are using GRN recordings in Tok Pisin on Radio Laif FM in Wewak, East Sepik Province of PNG. The station is playing one track at a time, putting on their own introduction, and using the Bible stories as short spots during their programming. Phil Dunk told me that the messages are being well received.

Radio Laif FM has installed several more transmitters in PNG and continues to expand the areas of PNG where trusted Christian radio can be heard every day. Ian and Grant have recently visited PNG where they installed new transmitters and fixed old ones. Radio Laif FM transmits in major languages, while GRN provides materials in smaller language groups which give people the opportunity to hear the good news in the language they understand best.

UCB are extending their ministry with partners in East Timor, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Cook Islands and Vanuatu. We hope that our recordings in the major languages of these countries will soon be heard on radios there. We might also have opportunity to make people aware of the messages that are available in the many other languages and dialects spoken in those countries.

Please pray for UCB as they proclaim God's word on radio stations throughout Australia and New Zealand and for opportunities as they reach out into Asia and the Pacific. Pray too for more opportunities for GRN to work with UCB and similar ministries.


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