Praying For Muslims

Praying For Muslims


Islam's influence around the world and in our neighborhoods is growing. Many communities are fearful of the Muslim presence. Intimidation has turned to terror in several nations as violence and killings by Islamic radicals puts pressure on governments to acquiesce to demands for Sharia (Islamic) Law to be imposed on the people.

Fervent prayer by the Church is the one thing that will change the hearts of a people intent on world domination. With over one billion Muslims praying five times a day to Allah, it is little wonder they are so resistant to the gospel. This barrage of prayer reinforces the enemy's hold over the people and creates strongholds or 'firewalls' to block God's truth from getting through.

How the heart of God must grieve as He sees Muslims daily reject His Son-the One who sought them for Himself with such love and longing. How can it be that they should give their praise to another? This travesty should cause God's people to rise up in righteous indignation and pray boldly for their salvation and for the bringing down of the strongholds that blind them to the Truth.

In modern warfare, an army first needs to knock out the enemy's air power so that its ground troops can do their work. We too need first to win the battle in the spiritual realm. Our battle is NOT against Muslims however. It is against the devil who keeps them in darkness. After centuries of seeing very few new believers, there is now an increasing harvest. This coincides with the growing crescendo of global prayer for the Muslim world.

So how can we pray for our Muslim neighbors? Include them on your prayer list. Choose a Muslim country and find out all you can about it and pray for it. Pray specifically for an unevangelized Muslim group.* Closer to home, look for Muslims living in your neighborhood. Pray for them. Befriend and share Christ's love with them. Take a prayer walk around the local mosque asking God to reveal Jesus to the people. God often uses dreams and visions to speak to them. Pray for believers to have courage to endure alienation from their families.

In Genesis 21 we read of Hagar and her son Ishmael dying of thirst in the wilderness. God heard Hagar's cry and opened her eyes to see a well of water. They drank and lived. This is a lovely picture of our Lord who is the Living Water. He alone can quench the children of Ishmael's thirst and is the only One to be worshiped. After all, why should Allah receive the praise of one billion Muslims when it was our Lord who paid for their salvation?

Colin Stott
Global Prayer Coordinator

(*) Sign up to pray for an unevangelized Muslim group. Contact GRN at Pray for Muslims for details.

"The work which God sends us to do cannot be done without prayer." E.M.Bounds
"Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure." D.L.Moody
"If we share Christ's view of the indispensability of prayer, we will somehow make time for it." J. Oswald Sanders


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