West Africa

West Africa



Since 2006 GRN Nigeria has worked together with a Christian foundation (IHF) to run a special Christmas outreach. IHF collects medicines and second hand clothing to distribute during the outreach and they recruit medical people who have a heart for reaching out. GRN contributes evangelistic cassettes a video projector, personnel and sometimes their vehicle for the outreach. Distributing medicines and clothing creates a wonderful opportunity for the Gospel. Muslim men usually give permission for their women to come out 'in public' to receive the medicines and clothes and when they do the women members of IHF are ready and willing to share the word of God with them. Kish (Director in Nigeria) writes from Jos...

"Last December we went with IHF to a village about 250 kms from Jos. The village is about 85% Muslim. Sadly, the other 15% are Christian in name only and they give a very poor witness to Christ. It is not surprising that the local Muslims think that being a Christian means living a life of drunkenness, adultery and poverty. The 'Christian' sector is the poorest and least cared for part of the village. Drunkenness is endemic. The protestant church there has no trained leadership and the person who does lead has virtually no knowledge of the Scripture.

When faced with this kind of situation we felt we needed to go first to the Christian part of the village. They needed the Gospel as much as anyone. It was the first time that such an outreach had been held in that place. The amazing thing is that some Muslim young people came to the church yard to watch the films we were showing. One night, one of them secretly gave his life to Christ. Others it seemed, wanted to but were afraid of persecution.

The one who came to Christ 'disappeared' after the meeting and went into hiding. The next day as we were leaving the village he met us on the road and we took him into Jos. Now he is undergoing an intensive discipleship training program with IHF. While in the village the head of the Muslim community gave us permission to show a film.

After watching it some of them said, 'We thought that Christianity is all about drunkenness, poverty and immorality but from the film we see that it is different.' We are thankful to God that he used us to give a better picture of Christianity than what the people had known before."

More from Nigeria...

"We successfully recorded ABONG and NTHARE (NZARE) languages covering about 1,400 kms. We took the old "Words of Life" recordings and the HAUSA Good News as samples for them to choose from. They much preferred the Good News. The language helpers and the church leadership were really cooperative. They said this to us, "Our evangelism will soon be made simple with this type of program. We are very thankful for the ministry of Global Recordings Network."

There are 3 languages that we have made contact for recordings in later in the year. They are: NJWANDE, AMBO and KAPYA. The recordings need to be done latest by June before the rains set in because they are in the forest. This is a report we received on the NJWANDE people.

Some women went to evangelise some of them who are still living on the mountain top last month and they encountered the power of darkness from the pagans. They surrounded the women and told them that none of them would go back alive. The women replied that they never came to fight them but to give them Good News, hence nothing will happen to them. They insisted on killing them by fetish means. They sent a frightened storm three times, but the women called on the name of Jesus and the storm never harmed a single hair of any of them. At the end one of the pagans gave his life to Christ and brought all his charms and they were all burnt, and he was baptised and died just two weeks later. On hearing this touching testimony, we assured them that by June we will be there for recordings.

Burkina Faso

Over the last several years, GRN Burkina Faso has done most of its outreach in partnership with more than 150 churches and missions. Most weekends they will be out in different areas visiting house to house, distributing recordings, showing films and preaching. Here is a quick summary of what has been achieved.

Among the Nuni people ten churches have been planted since 2006. The strategy has been to reach the adults through reaching the children. More than 1500 Good News booklets and cassettes have been distributed.

Five churches have been planted among the Samo people and 500 Good News and 800 Words of Life cassettes have been distributed.

1800 Words of Life cassettes have been distributed among the Boaba people resulting in seven churches being planted.

Seventeen churches have been planted among the Djan people where 300 Good News and 700 Words of Life tapes have been used.

Three churches have been planted among the Fulani along with the use of 300 Words of Life tapes.

We praise God for the many new believers and churches and ask you to pray that all new believers will grow to maturity in the faith.


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